Implementation News Summary for the Week of Sept 23, 2018 (Plus Bonus Video)

Wow. I’m blown away by how many blockchain implementation articles there were this week. IBM (twice,) banks, sovereign nations, food industry, voting platforms, insurance, real estate, forestry- it’s blowing my mind just how big it’s getting (and to think that this is just the beginning!)

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

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For the week of September 23, 2018


See the full history of cryptocurrency implementation headlines HERE

Tiberius Offers Crypto Coins Backed by Seven Commodities

ICE’s Bakkt Reveals First Crypto Product as Physical Bitcoin Futures

WSJ: $88.6 Million in Illicit Funds Funneled Through Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Swiss Startup Raises $103 Million to Launch Cryptocurrency Bank

Mongolia: Central Bank Gives Permission to Issue First Digital Currency

Japan’s Messaging Giant LINE Announces New Digital Coin and 5 Decentralized Apps

Japan’s Financial Services Giant SBI Trials Crypto

Ukrainian National Bank Considering Launching State Digital Currency Tied to Local Fiat

Token for Retail Purchases

US: Crypto Industry Reps, Lawmakers, Venture Capitalists to Discuss Regulatory Landscape

Crypto, Revolutionized: New French ICO Regulation on Its Way

Breaking: Google to Reverse Crypto Ad Ban for Exchanges Advertising in US, Japan

French MPs Propose Legal Framework for All ‘Digital Assets’ Providers, Sources Report

Winklevoss’ Crypto Exchange Gemini Eyes Entrance Into UK Market, Sources Report

House Of Representatives Passes Financial Technology Protection Act

Sierra Leone Looks To Provide Financial Services For Unbanked KIVA Link

UNICEF France Accepts Donations in 9 Cryptocurrencies


See the full history of blockchain implementation headlines HERE

Goldman Sachs Leads $25 Million Funding Round for Blockchain Payments Startup Veem

Kenya’s Blockchain Task Force Advises Gov’t to Replace Cash With Digital Currency

Public Records Show US Government Tripled Investment in Blockchain Analysis Firms in 2018

Italy to Enter European Blockchain Partnership, Local MP Confirms

Chinese State Bank Uses Blockchain to Issue Digital Mortgages Worth $1.3 Billion

Marsh Confirms IBM Blockchain Insurance Partnership to Include Salesforce

China’s Nanjing Arbitration Commission Tests Blockchain Platform for Legal Disputes Opens Institute for Building ‘Smart Cities’ With Blockchain and AI

Opera Partners With Ledger Capital to Explore Blockchain Applications

India’s National Stock Exchange Trials Blockchain E-Voting for Listed Companies

Austria to Use Ethereum Public Blockchain to Issue $1.35 Bln in Government Bonds

FedEx Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Hub, ‘Big Implications’ for Logistics

West Virginians Begin Using Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting App

AT&T Launches Suite of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Using Tech From IBM, Microsoft

Porsche Increases Investments in New Technologies With Focus on Blockchain and AI Startups

Deloitte to Assist Insurance-Focused Blockchain Consortium to Expand Into Canada

Major US Dairy Co-Op Pilots Blockchain Technology for Food Supply

Australian Real Estate Major to Trial Blockchain-Powered Solar Energy Management Solution

JPMorgan Blockchain Platform Onboards 75 Multinational Banks to ‘Keep Payments In-House’

Russian Raiffeisen Bank Branch Issues Digital Mortgage Using Blockchain

Bank of America Files New Patent for Multiple Digital Signatures on a Distributed System

Major Thai Bank to Test Visa Blockchain Solution for Cross-Border Payments

Spain to Develop Blockchain Tech Application for Transparency in Forestry Industry

IBM Awarded Patent for Autonomous Self-Servicing Devices Within Blockchain-Based IoT System

US Tech Firm Eyes Blockchain Supply Chain Solution for Major Chinese Ports

WEF — Blockchain Could Improve Multiple Spheres of Global Economy

Italian Soccer Club Juventus Follows France’s Paris Saint-Germain to Launch ‘Fan Token’

Bonus Video

I came across this right before publishing this post, and it adds something to consider with all the private (permissioned) blockchains that are being set up (by IBM, Alibaba, the insurance industry, the banking industry, etc.) Consider it a little extra DYOR nugget for you.

Andeas Antonopoulis: Why Permissioned (private) Blockchains Fail

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