Jargon Insight – What the F* is “HODL?”

If you start exploring the crypto space, in time, you will likely see someone say “I’m hodling” or #HODL.  So what does HODL mean and where did it originate?


The oldest cited use of HODL was as a thread title on a bitcointalk forum post.  See the image below or click this link to read the post.

hodl blog

These days, the term HODL has evolved and it’s taken on the acronym of Hold On for Dear Life, which is often cited when the price of a crypto is experiencing a sharp price decline, or the price is sitting in the doldrums and not moving up.

God, I love the internet.

**Disclaimer: As always, before making any investment decisions involving money, always do your research and use your best judgement before you commit. Any decision you make is all on you.**


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