A Few Words on Bitpetite (and Lending Platforms in General)

When a widely promoted “money making” platform called Bitpetite closed down on November 2, 2017 and ran off with people’s money, I had a few thoughts to share.  It was a lending platform that was, for all intents and purposes, operated as a Ponzi scheme,)  Quote at the end (cut off in the video.)

For more info on crypto scams, check out the Dictionary Page


“If you got taken to the cleaners by this (bitpetite,) educate people. Teach them about these things. Research this stuff. Research about HYIPs.  Research about these lending platforms.  Teach yourself and share that knowledge with others. Until we spread this knowledge and knowing around, these types of things will continue to operate. But on the upside, every time something like this happens, thousands more people in the crypto space become a lot wiser, and that only serves to strengthen Space, which lessens the odds of something like this happening again.”

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