The TCB Weekly News Roundup, ending 26 March 2023

In the US, pushback to the crackdown grows (I don’t think proposed actions will get as far as intended,) also known as light is re-asserting itself.
We’ll see how far the darkness progresses, if at all.

Enjoy and be well, Everyone.

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The Week’s Posts
The Week in Videos ending March 25, 2023

Tuesday Post- What Bitcoin Did: “Bank Runs, Bailouts & Bitcoin with Caitlin Long”

Thursday Post- What Bitcoin Did: “Bitcoin’s Operation Chokepoint with Doomberg”


This Week In Twitter


Adoption, Implementation and Infrastructure
MetaMask enables direct crypto purchases in Nigeria
Xapo Bank to enable USDC deposits and withdrawals
Microsoft testing crypto wallet in its web browser Edge: Bleeping Computer

CBDCs (are just Surveillance Tokens)
*CBDC Tracker 1*
*CBDC Tracker 2*
Nigeria CBDC adoption spikes as fiat currency shortage grip the nation
US Senator Ted Cruz tries again with new bill to block CBDC
Adopting CBDC could destabilize banks, help households, US Treasury study says

Magic Eden launches marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals
Avalanche Blockchain’s X and C Networks See Brief Outage

Seized exchange Bitzlato allows users to withdraw 50% of Bitcoin
Chainalysis breaks down how scammers adapt during the bear market
Visa: Token bridges were a favored target for thieves in 2022

DeFi CeFi and Lending
This Week In DeFi – March 24
Do Kwon Arrested, Montenegrin Officials Say
FTX Bankruptcy Estate to Claw Back $460M From Modulo Capital
Celsius custody account holders can receive 72.5% of their crypto, says bankruptcy judge

Coinbase Is Speeding Up Plans to Expand Outside the US
Third biggest outflow of Bitcoin from exchanges this year – driven by whales
eToro raises $250M after terminating SPAC deal
Kraken to Suspend ACH Deposits and Withdrawals Following Silvergate Shutdown
Crypto Exchange Coinbase Suspends Algorand Staking Rewards

After Bank Failures, Where Will Crypto Firms Turn?
Rapid Bank Runs Reveal Deposits Are Now Magic Internet Money, Too
‘US has left a vacuum that other countries are eager to fill’: Coinbase
Federal Reserve Says Custodia’s Plans Would Endanger Itself and the Crypto Industry
Bitcoin’s banking crisis surge will ‘attract more institutions’: ARK’s Cathie Wood

*Live Mining Statistics*
Bitcoin Miners’ Revenue From Fees Rises Suggesting the Onset of Major Bull Run

Nation States (and other political jurisdictions)

NFTs / Metaverse / Web3 / DAOs
SVB collapse chilled NFT trading volumes: Nifty Newsletter, March 15–21

Regulation, Legislation, Legal Matters & Taxation
Sushi sets up legal defense fund after SEC subpoenas head chef Jared Grey and DAO itself
IRS calls for public feedback on taxing NFTs as collectibles
Texas lawmaker introduces resolution to protect Bitcoin miners and HODLers
Blockchain Association seeks info from Fed, FDIC and OCC on ‘de-banking’ crypto firms


Wall Street and Big Money
Bitcoin Worldwide (treasuries)*
Bitwise Announces ETF Aimed At Long-Term Bitcoin Investors

Time Capsule

Outside News
Mystery Object Found Near Nord Stream Pipelines Could Point To Culprit
Biden Says “Banks In Pretty Good Shape” As Small Banks See Biggest Deposit Outflow On Record

You Do Not Change Bitcoin. Bitcoin Changes You.
“Bitcoin will eat the world.” And it is.

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