The TCB Weekly News Roundup, ending 12 March 2023

Crypto-centric bank Silvergate announced it is closing its doors, the legal and regulatory noose around crypto users necks get tightened, Circle’s USDC stablecoin de-pegged when it is reported that a significant chunk of money is locked up when SVB bank is shut down. Twitter is getting pretty hot as a result.

Enjoy and be well. Know your third-party risks.

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The Week’s Posts
Tuesday Post- What Bitcoin Did: “Do Ordinals Make Bitcoin Better or Worse Money? With Rob Hamilton”

Thursday Post- What Bitcoin Did: “The Future of Nuclear Energy with Everett Redmond”


This Week In Twitter


Adoption, Implementation and Infrastructure
Circle Dropped Automated Clearing House Payments: Dapper Labs
Bybit introduces Mastercard-powered debit card days after halting USD transfers
CashApp Users Bought $7.11 Billion Worth of Bitcoin in 2022
BASE by Coinbase Has Integrated Chainlink Data Feeds on Testnet
Coinbase launches wallet-as-a-service for businesses
Old. U.S. home-loan banks lent billions of dollars to crypto banks: Report

CBDCs (are just Surveillance Tokens)
*CBDC Tracker 1*
*CBDC Tracker 2*
SWIFT moves to next phase of CBDC testing after positive results
Brazil Begins CBDC Pilot With Public Use Scheduled for 2024: Report
Iran completes pre-pilot phase of central bank digital currency

What does the Silvergate collapse mean for crypto?
Silvergate closes exchange network, releases $9.9M to BlockFi
Filing shows BlockFi has uninsured $227M in Silicon Valley Bank fund
Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Grayscale-SEC Developments

Crimes, Scams and Hacks
Algorand blasted over inaction on ongoing wallet drain hack
17 biggest crypto heists of all time
7 DeFi protocol hacks in Feb see $21 million in funds stolen: DefiLlama
Silk Road Bitcoin for sale? US government-linked addresses transfer $1B in BTC

DeFi CeFi and Lending
This Week In DeFi – March 3
Alameda Research to sell interest in Sequoia Capital to Abu Dhabi for $45M

Binance.US Can Move Ahead With Plan to Acquire Voyager Digital’s Assets, Judge Rules

Investors might have avoided FTX if the SEC had addressed Bitcoin ETFs, says BitGo CE
The SEC’s Custody Rule Would Be a Net Positive for Crypto
BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes proposes Bitcoin-based stablecoin

*Live Mining Statistics*
Pennsylvania is Now Home to a 100% Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility
‘Bad batch’ or flawed design? Compass Mining flags problems with new ASIC miner
Bitcoin Mining Adapts To Energy Transition – Bitcoin Magazine

Nation States (and other political jurisdictions)

NFTs / Metaverse / Web3 / DAOs
Metaversal: Right-Click Saved

Regulation, Legislation, Legal Matters & Taxation
House Republicans directly criticize Biden administration for digital asset policies
British Banks Crack Down On Bitcoin Crypto Access

Silicon Valley Bank shut down by California regulator
USDC depegs as Circle confirms $3.3B stuck with Silicon Valley Bank
Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Endures $1B Net Redemptions Since Silicon Valley Bank Shutdown, Nansen Data Shows
Circle’s exposure to US banks could top $9B

CoinTracker integrates with H&R Block to offer crypto tax preparation

Wall Street and Big Money
Bitcoin Worldwide (treasuries)*
Grayscale products buoyed following oral arguments in case against the SEC

Time Capsule

Outside News

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