The TCB Weekly News Roundup, ending 05 March 2023

This week, it was bank Silvergate’s turn to sit in the dunk tank. Multiple prominent exchanges and companies terminated business with the crypto-centric bank. It’s US-listed stock took some hits as a result.

Also be sure to scan the regulatory headlines- form is taking shape.

Enjoy and be well, Everyone.

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The Week’s Posts
Thursday Post: “Why Bitcoin Won’t Reach Mass Adoption Ever: A Three Generations Theory Rebuttal” By Mish Shedlock

Tomer Strolight: “Why Bitcoin, The Series, #24: Why the Bitcoin Community is Growing So Fast and Getting So Large”


This Week In Twitter


Adoption, Implementation and Infrastructure
BTCPay Server Adds CoinJoin Plugin
Polygon launches decentralized ID product powered by ZK proofs
Trezor to produce chips for hardware wallets to shorten supply cycle
CoinEx to stop serving all U.S. customers
-Robinhood Wallet rolls out on iOS with Android support to follow
UAE emirate to launch free zone for digital and virtual asset firms

CBDCs (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Australian central bank to launch ‘live pilot’ of CBDC in coming months

Chainlink’s new platform lets web3 projects connect to Web 2.0 systems like AWS and Meta
Ethereum testnet successfully forks in Shanghai upgrade rehearsal

Voyager customers vote in favor of bankruptcy plan
Wrapped Bitcoin supply drops to negative after 11,500 wBTC burn linked to Celsius
DCG losses top $1B on the back of 3AC collapse in 2022

Coinbase cutting ties with Silvergate forces crypto hedge fund to find a new bank
FTX Survivor LedgerX Dumps Silvergate for Signature Bank: Report
Silvergate Loses a Bull as KBW Analyst Downgrades on Limited Visibility

Scam alert: Trezor warns users of new phishing attack
Algorand Wallet MyAlgo Advises Users to Withdraw Funds After $9.6M Exploit
SBF facing multiple fraud, conspiracy charges in unsealed superseded indictment 

DeFi CeFi and Lending
This Week In DeFi – March 3
Liquid staking TVL now second-largest among DeFi protocols

Binance Moved $1.8B in Stablecoin Collateral to Hedge Funds Last Year: Forbes
Bitcoin exchanges now own 16% less BTC than the oldest hodlers
Coinbase announces suspension of BUSD trading beginning March 13

2023 Will Be Year of Crypto Token Price Divergence: Bank of America

*Live Mining Statistics*
Bitcoin difficulty adjusts 10%, surpassing 180T, a new all-time high

Nation States (and other political jurisdictions)

NFTs / Metaverse / Web3 / DAOs
Whale sells 1,010 NFTs in 48 hours: Nifty Newsletter, Feb. 22–28
Nifty News: Yuga Labs jumps on Ordinals hype, Dookey Dash key sells for 1,000 ETH and more
3AC liquidators to sell some NFT holdings

Regulation, Legislation, Legal Matters & Taxation
Decentralized finance to be examined at inaugural CFTC tech advisory meeting
Coinbase spent $3.4M on lobbying in 2022, while FTX spent $720k
Robinhood subpoenaed by SEC over crypto listings and custody
UK banking regulator to propose crypto issuing, holding rules after Basel 3 finalized
FSB, IMF and BIS papers to set global crypto framework, says G20
French National Assembly Votes for Tougher Registration Rules for Crypto Firms

BUSD has seen 12 billion withdrawn from exchanges in 3 months, USDT, BTC have been net beneficiaries


Wall Street and Big Money
Bitcoin Worldwide (treasuries)*
Grayscale to Argue SEC’s Inconsistency as Bitcoin ETF Dispute Heads to Court

Time Capsule

Outside News

You Do Not Change Bitcoin. Bitcoin Changes You.
“Bitcoin will eat the world.” And it is.

The Week in Videos ending 5 March 2023

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