The TCB Weekly News Roundup, ending 29 January 2023

There’s a lot of news this week on the FTX/Genesis/BlockFi/Gemini/Digital Currency Group/Celcius front. Prices are holding their pump levels, which, when I listened to a What Bitcoin Did interview with Steven McClurg, he mentioned that the sub-$23,000 price levels would not have happened if FTX didn’t implode, implying that we are now at what should have originally been the bottom.

Enjoy and be well, Everyone.

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The Week’s Posts
Tuesday Post – Coin Bureau: “FTX and the Connected Relationships”

Thursday Post- Video: Andreas Antonopoulos – “The Internet of Money” Chapter 11: Scaling Bitcoin

Cointelegraph- Genesis Capital’s fall might transform crypto lending — not bury it

NYDIG – A Weekly Digest of Bitcoin News & Insights (Binance and Tether)

This Week In Twitter


Adoption, Implementation and Infrastructure
New York Assembly introduces crypto payments bill for fines, taxes
Sen. Ted Cruz Wants Capitol Hill Vending Machines to Accept Crypto
Bitcoin mining brings more than money to this East African country

CBDCs (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Visa working on a number of CBDC and stablecoin initiatives – CEO

Layer 1 Protocols
Nearly $400M in crypto liquidations over 24 hours pushes Bitcoin above $23k
Ethereum developers deploy Shanghai upgrade ‘shadow fork’

FTX/Genesis/Gemini/BlockFi/Silvergate/DCG/et al
FTX Owes Money to Netflix, Binance, Wall Street Journal, Filing Shows
Genesis’ bankruptcy filing was decided by independent committee, according to DCG
Genesis eyes fast resolution to creditor disputes and bankruptcy exit in May
DCG companies have laid off over 500 employees as contagion spreads
Crypto bank Silvergate reveals $2.5M exposure to Genesis
Crypto Bank Silvergate Suspends Dividend on Preferred Stock

Crypto Custodian Prime Trust to Cease Operations in Texas at End of January

BlockFi exec argues bankruptcy court should approve bonuses to retain talent [did you ever see Margin Call?]
Unredacted BlockFi financials show over $1.2B link to FTX, Alameda
Leaked bids: Binance, Galaxy Digital among secret bidders for Celsius assets

Gemini Earn customers face potential $485M shortfall in Genesis bankruptcy case

Fireblocks Enlists Crypto Protection Firm Coincover for Third-Party Key Recovery Service

Crypto ransomware payments fall 40% in 2022 [A Silver Lining to bear markets}

DeFi CeFi and Lending
Cardano DEXs Will Support Djed Stablecoin Liquidity Pools Starting Next Week [Smells like shitcoin casino to me]
This Week In DeFi – January 27

Signature Bank Limit on SWIFT Transactions with Binance Affects Few
Over 500K BTC left Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase in 13 months – more than any other exchange

California DMV to digitize car title management system via Tezos
Why Should Credit Unions Still Consider Crypto?
-SEC’s ‘one-dimensional’ approach is slowing Bitcoin progress: Grayscale CEO
NFT court orders could become a norm in crypto-related litigation: Lawyers

Bitcoin hash rate surpasses another ATH
Blockstream Raises $125 Million For Bitcoin Mining

Nation States (and other political jurisdictions)

NFTs / Metaverse / Web3 / DAOs
Binance tightens NFT rules: Nifty Newsletter, Jan. 18–24
Better Policy Can Turn NFTs Into an Intellectual Property Powerhouse
Nifty Gateway co-founders resign amid Gemini woes

Regulation, Legislation, Legal Matters & Taxation
Mississippi Missouri Bills To Protect Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine
Central African Republic eyes legal framework for crypto adoption

Moody’s to build scoring system for stablecoins: Report
Banks Will Dominate Stablecoins, and 2 Other Predictions About the Future of Money


Wall Street and Big Money
CME exchange sees 84,000 BTC or $2B allocated in futures contracts in last 24 hours
SEC and Grayscale to Debate on a Bitcoin ETF in Court in March

Time Capsule

Outside News

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