Tomer Strolight: “Why Bitcoin, The Series, #18: Why Bitcoin is the Most Important Thing Happening in The World”

Welcome to Why Bitcoin. Each article in this series is:
Short — only 2–4 minutes at most to read;
Entirely accessible to newcomers to Bitcoin; and
Offers some new perspective to even the most experienced Bitcoiners

Bitcoin is a vast subject, with countless facets, angles and perspectives. It can be looked at, thought about and appreciated in many ways. By writing very short pieces I hope to take a single snapshot of Bitcoin from a different perspective with each one, so that the reader may upon finishing, better understand the whole.

I hope you find these articles helpful, informative, enjoyable and enlightening.

Be well, Everyone.

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Why Bitcoin, The Series, #18: “Why Bitcoin is the Most Important Thing Happening in The World”

The Magical Miracle of Money

Money is a tool unique to humans. It coordinates human activities and allows for voluntary cooperation between people on a scale so grand as to dwarf anything that we could accomplish without it.

Take a minute to consider any product you recently bought. Think about how many people had to work to get the materials for it, manufacture it, package it, warehouse it, stock it and ship it. Yet you didn’t have to talk to a single one of them. You just had to get some money to one business without having to think about any of this let alone having to try to organize it.

The sophistication of coordinating human activity that money allows for is far beyond what anyone can plan. It seems miraculous or magical when contemplated in this regard.

Money Creates Civilization

Given access to it, humans will use sound money to create a civilization in which an overwhelming majority of them can apply their talents and time to obtain their essential needs and other values that will delight and inspire them. As they develop and their inspiration drives them towards greater accomplishments, money allows civilization itself to adapt by re-coordinating human action.

The Destroyer — Dark Magic Money

Unfortunately, there are people who tamper with money and its magnificent coordination process.

Thieves try to obtain money by taking it by force. Fraudsters obtain it by promising something in exchange and not delivering on the promise. There are lawmakers who think they can better coordinate human action by decreeing restrictions on economic interactions.

And then there are the central banks who monopolize and control money itself so that its magical benefits are distorted, destroyed, or even reversed. We, and our money, have been under their control since 1971, with startling consequences. For most people reading this, that means you’ve lived in darkness your whole life.

Take a minute to think of the biggest goal of those who have taken over money. They claim that it is desirable that money lose its purchasing power over time. If money isn’t losing enough purchasing power quickly enough for them they intentionally take action to destroy its purchasing power faster. They claim this will get people to consume more quickly and that this will be good for the economy.

They use their control over money to drive unnecessary, unwanted consumption in the short term by destroying people’s ability to save for the long term. The father of their movement, J. M. Keynes, justified this by saying “In the long term, we are all dead.”

In the Long Term We Can and Should Thrive

We are not all dead in the long term. For one, we each live longer, healthier and happier lives when we focus on the long term and are permitted to plan for it. Eating well and in moderation, exercising, developing preventions and cures for disease all extend our individual lives. Saving for the future lets us live without anxiety over how we will care for ourselves later in life.

Moderating short term consumption preserves scarce resources and the entire environment for the future of all the people who will ever live.

Long term focus allows us to embark on multi-generation projects. These were common in the ages before central banks took over money. Now the world has been stripped of them.

Magic Internet Money Can Rescue Humankind and The Earth

Good money that allows humanity to coordinate its activities peacefully for the long term is desperately needed. It is good for individuals. It is good for humanity as a whole. It is good for the environment.

Bitcoin is this money. It is not controlled by anyone and it is designed to last for the ages. Bitcoin is the invention we need to recover from the self-destructive, greedy, inhuman trends casting darkness over our civilization.

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