Tomer Strolight: “Why Bitcoin, The Series, #15: Why You Should Care About Bitcoin”

Welcome to Why Bitcoin. Each article in this series is:
Short — only 2–4 minutes at most to read;
Entirely accessible to newcomers to Bitcoin; and
Offers some new perspective to even the most experienced Bitcoiners

Bitcoin is a vast subject, with countless facets, angles and perspectives. It can be looked at, thought about and appreciated in many ways. By writing very short pieces I hope to take a single snapshot of Bitcoin from a different perspective with each one, so that the reader may upon finishing, better understand the whole.

I hope you find these articles helpful, informative, enjoyable and enlightening.

Be well, Everyone.

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Why Bitcoin, The Series, #15: “Why You Should Care About Bitcoin”

Money Has Always Accompanied Civilization and Changed Alongside It

Since the dawn of civilization, money has been a part of it. As civilization advanced, the instrument people used for money changed with it. People once used seashells, then beads, then salt and then metal coins as money.

Today, the most common instrument is government issued paper or digital records. We know this money as some unit of currency issued by some authority, like, for example the US dollar, or the Mexican Peso or the European Euro.

Each time the instrument that was money changed you can imagine what happened to the people who had lots of the old instrument. They went from being very wealthy, to having a bunch of seashells, or beads, or piles of salt, or antique coins, or stacks of worthless paper.

The Next Change is Happening Right Now.

It isn’t happening because of Bitcoin. It is happening because what we currently use as money is losing its integrity and people are in need of a substitute. In some cases, national currencies have already failed or are clearly in the process of doing so.

But it is happening to Bitcoin. It is happening because one by one, more and more people are voluntarily choosing Bitcoin to be their preferred money. Some are choosing it because its rules are incorruptible. Others are choosing it because it keeps becoming more valuable. Many are choosing it because they see it is as a path to long term economic stabilityThere are many reasons people are choosing Bitcoin. But regardless of each reason, it is happening.

You Too Have a Choice.

You can disregard what is happening. If you do this you risk being left behind like those who held onto beads or seashells when those ceased to be instruments people used for money.

Alternatively, you can learn about what is happening and act accordingly. If you do this, you will be able to adapt along with our civilization and its money. You may find that this choice will make you care about money. I’m not talking about simply desiring to personally possess a lot of money. I’m talking about caring about money’s integrity because it is such an essential part of a functioning, healthy, vibrant and robust civilization. As this happens, you will likely conclude that Bitcoin is the instrument most finely tuned to supporting such a civilization. And this will lead you to care about Bitcoin, and quite possibly even, to care for it.

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