The Weekly News Roundup, ending 31 July 2022

What is dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and how does it work?

This is the best way to build your assets, IMO. (I also wish I had started doing this much, much sooner.)

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Articles on Medium this week


The Cost of Crypto Podcast

This Week In Twitter

The downfall of Three Arrows Capital (3AC): What went wrong?
COMMENTARY: What Toxic Bitcoin Maximalism Means To Onlookers – Bitcoin Magazine


Santander Brazil to launch cryptocurrency trading platform

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)

Company / Product / Project News

The Nine Largest Crypto Hacks in 2022


DeFi and Lending
Celsius Admits Customer Emails Leaked In Third-Party Data Breach
Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Seeks Help From Former CFO
FTX Offers to Bail Out Voyager Customers in Joint Liquidity Proposal


Fundraising and Sponsorships

Crypto Firms Reckon With Risk Following Collapse
Babel lost over $280M trading with customer funds; wants to raise up to $300M
CFTC poaches Pantera Capital’s legal counsel, citing digital asset experience
Pat Toomey blames the SEC for crypto lending platform crisis
Nigerians rush tip buy bitcoin amid crisis

Implementation and Infrastructure
Tether, Bitfinex, Hypercore collab to launch encrypted P2P apps

Metaverse / Web3

Texas a Bitcoin ‘hot spot’ even as heat waves affect crypto miners

Nation States (and other political jurisdictions)
El Salvador Buying Back Debt Following Bitcoin Losses

NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review
Miami Collabs With TIME, Mastercard, Salesforce to Sell 5K NFTs
Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Sells NFTs, Becomes Top OpenSea Project

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
US Stablecoin Bill is in Process, But No Action Expected Until the Fall
US SEC Probes Coinbase Over Unregistered Securities Allegations
England Law Commission recommends reforming property laws for digital assets
US Treasury Department adds Kraken to investigations list for potential sanctions violations

-Tether’s $840M Celsius loan liquidation poses legal troubles


The Wall Street
First Charles Schwab Crypto ETF Set to Launch Next Week
CME Notches Record Crypto Derivative Trades in Q2
Ark Invest Sells Off 1.4 Million Shares of Coinbase During Stock Plunge

Time Capsule

Outside News
Food Banks Across America Report Record Demand And Record Shortages
Argentina’s Government Collapsing, People Refuse To Work Amid Major Subsidy Cuts
“Look Almost Human-Made”: NOAA Finds Mysterious Lines Of Holes On Mid-Atlantic Floor

You Do Not Change Bitcoin. Bitcoin Changes You.
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