The Weekly News Roundup, ending 5 June 2022

In adoption, we’re seeing the game theory often mentioned, as Bermuda and Cyprus respond to the incentives of drawing talent and money by crafting legislation to set their jurisdictions up as “crypto hubs.”

Lots of good data on LUNA’s demise keeps coming out.

And we’re seeing all that proposed legislation on stablecoins continuing to progress.

Oh…and the Solana network broke. Again. *eyeroll*

We’ve also got a couple old Bitcoin Forum posts for the Time Capsule.

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Be well, Everyone.

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Articles on Medium this week


The Cost of Crypto Podcast

This Week In Twitter

Eight time in a year the entire network had to be rebooted.

The more you know about Bitcoin, the more optimistic you are: Block survey


Taco tokens: Chipotle adds crypto payments via Flexa

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Fireblocks Hires Former Bank of England Fintech Chief to Lead CBDC Efforts
India’s Central Bank Eyes a Graded Approach to CBDC Launch
-[It’s called “printing money”] China to Airdrop $4.5 Million in e-CNY to Shenzhen Residents to Bolster Local Economy
Brazilian central banker describes how CBDC system can halt bank runs

Company / Product / Project News
-[We’ll see] BNB Chain releases year-long technical roadmap to develop ecosystem
Chainlink Brings Price Feed Data to Solana for Defi Support

Three crypto scams that could cost you thousands
Crypto Investors Lost $1 Billion in Scams during the Last 15 Months, Says FTC


DeFi and Lending
Singapore Central Bank Ready To Try DeFi After Crypto Giants Leave for Dubai
DeFi isn’t dead, it just needs to fix these 3 critical problems

Goldman Sachs And FTX In Talks For Bitcoin, Crypto Derivatives 

Fundraising and Sponsorships

Gemini Joins Growing List of Crypto Exchanges Cutting Staff Amid Downturn
Fidelity Digital Assets To Double Headcount by End of Year
Goldman Sachs and FTX in Talks for Ambitious Derivatives Trading Deal: Report
Over 1.2 Million Ethereum Transactions Failed in May
Bank of America Has No Plans to Offer Crypto Services
The Anonymous Creator of Shiba Inu (SHIB) Deletes All Tweets and Blogs

Implementation and Infrastructure

Metaverse / Web3

Middle Eastern Oil Companies To Use Excess Gas For Mining Bitcoin
Geothermal: Kenya’s Solution to Crypto Mining’s Energy Demand
New York Passes Bill Restricting Carbon-fueled Crypto Mining Operations
Crypto Mining Farm in Remote Washington Town Gets Green Light, Despite Wildlife Concerns

Nation States (and other political jurisdictions)
Cyprus Looks To Become Global Crypto Hub With New Bill
Bermuda Could Emerge as a Crypto Hub, Minister of Economy Says
El Salvador: It’s Still Not The Time For The Bitcoin Bonds
Paraguay paves the way for crypto regulation despite internal opposition

Former OpenSea Exec Charged With NFT Insider Trading
32 NFTs Stolen as BAYC and Otherside Discord Servers Compromised

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
CFTC Steps Up Crypto Enforcement, Sues Exchange Gemini for ‘False’ Statements
India to Finalize Crypto Consultation Paper With IMF, World Bank Input
All Terraform Labs Staff Subpoenaed as Investigations Ramp Up, Report

How Terra’s Collapse Could Prompt an International Wave of Crypto Regulations
Terra Luna: How These 7 Wallets Brought the Ecosystem to Its Knees
Japan Passes Legal Framework for Stablecoins
Arcane Research: Terraform Labs Whales Dumped LUNA on Retail Before UST’s Depeg
UK Government Proposes Amends to Manage Risks Associated With Failed Stablecoin Projects
MoneyGram to Partner With Stellar to Provide Stablecoin Remittances
These are the least ‘stable’ stablecoins not named TerraUSD


The Wall Street
Over 200K BTC now stored in Bitcoin ETFs and other institutional products

Time Capsule

Outside News

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