The Weekly News Roundup, ending 17 April 2022

After a big week last week, things were relatively quiet this week. Most of the news cycle was devoted to people’s heads blowing up because of Elon Musk’s announced we wanted to buy Twitter and take it private.

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Articles on Medium this week

The TCB Report, #001 — Oh, Canada!

The Cost of Crypto Podcast

This Week In Twitter



-Delivery App Rappi Deploys Crypto Payments Pilot in Mexico
Grassroots initiatives are bringing Bitcoin education to communities across America
Fireblocks Partners with FIS to Increase the Adoption of Cryptocurrencies
How Crypto Company Circle Announced $400M With BlackRock
Bison Bank Becomes Portugal’s First Financial Institution to Receive Crypto License (Report)
FIS Partners With Fireblocks to Provide Crypto Trading and Defi for Institutional Clients
Crypto Adoption in Nigeria is Fueled by Limited Access to Financial Services
Gemini Launches Crypto Rewards Credit Card after Rollout Announcement Last Year

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Iran to Launch Its Own CBDC ‘Crypto-Rial’
President of Central Bank of Brazil: Real Digital Will Enable Banks to Issue Stablecoins

Company / Product / Project News
Ethereum’s Merge Will Occur Later Than June 2022, Says Developer (Report)

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
Mallers’ Bitcoin payment demo was staged but Chicago store will accept crypto soon
Report: 40% of African-Americans say they use crypto
Crypto Use Is More Rampant In Corrupt Countries, IMF Study Shows

Scammers Steal $1.6m via New YouTube Crypto Giveaway [I feel bad for the people that lost their crypto, but if they truly believed the old gimmick of “send us your money, we’ll give you double back,” it’s all on them to learn their lesson (we’ve all been duped at one time or another..)
Cyber Security Firm Discovers Critical Vulnerability on NFT Marketplace Rarible


RSK Is Transforming The Bitcoin Network Into A Go-To Destination For Stablecoins And DeFi

Coinbase India Suspends Deposits 3 Days After Trading Service Launch

Fundraising (keep an eye on these names)

Implementation and Infrastructure
MetaMask Announces Adding Support for Bitcoin

Mastercard files 15 metaverse and NFT related trademarks

-Ethereum Miners Continue To Surpass Bitcoin Miners In Revenue
Tesla, Blockstream, and Block Team Up to Mine Bitcoin in Texas
Bitcoin Miners in Kazakhstan To Pay Taxes Correlated to BTC Price

Nation States (and other political jursidictions)
Mexico to Consider CBDC Legislation as Senator Promises Bitcoin Adoption

NFT (Tokenization)
Snoop Dogg Collaborates With Clay Nation to Launch NFT Collection on Cardano
-Coinbase to Produce Bored Ape Yacht Club Animated Short Films
Epic Games Secures $2 Billion From Sony And LEGO To Build ‘Child-Friendly’ Metaverse

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
Uniswap Faces Lawsuits for Unregistered Offer and Sale of Digital Tokens

President of Central Bank of Brazil: Real Digital Will Enable Banks to Issue Stablecoins


The Wall Street

Do Kwon’s Luna Foundation Guard becomes top 20 hodler of Bitcoin
Most US Financial Advisors Want a Crypto ETF, Survey Finds
MicroStrategy Will Buy More Bitcoin: Michael Saylor
Former Crypto Sceptic Larry Fink Says BlackRock is Studying Digital Assets

Time Capsule

Outside News

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