The Weekly News Roundup, ending 3 April 2022

A busy week of regulations and adoption.

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What is Bitcoin? Part 1 (You Are Here)

The Cost of Crypto Podcast

This Week In Twitter

What is a cryptocurrency mixer and how does it work?


-Prime Trust Launches Beta Program for Crypto IRA
MetaMask rolls out Apple Pay integration and other iOS updates
OpenSea Reveals the Solana Integration Date

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Jamaican Central Bank Plans to Airdrop $16 to First 100 Citizens Of CBDC
BIS joint pilot: Institutions can use CBDCs for international settlements
European Central Bank Weighs Possibility of Digital Euro Issuance
Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces a Bill to Prevent the Fed From Issuing a CBDC

Company / Product / Project News
Ethereum ‘Merge’ edging closer with final Kiln testnet launch
Diem team members raise $200M to launch blockchain derived from it Adds FIFA World Cup Sponsorship to Sports Marketing Strategy
RUNE rally: A closer look at THORChain’s new synthetic assets
World’s largest interdealer broker expands custody with BitGo and Komainu partnership
Awaiting US Listing, Galaxy Digital Delays Purchase of Crypto Platform BitGo

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
Blackrock’s Fink Says Russia Invasion Could Accelerate Crypto Adoption
Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen Blasted as ‘Judas’ After Proposal to Change Bitcoin
MicroStrategy Takes Out $205M Bitcoin-Backed Loan to Buy More Bitcoin

Sky Mavis’ Ronin Network Bridge Exploited for Over $625M
Two 20-Year-Olds Charged in Alleged $1.1M NFT Scam, Defrauding Investors

Legal DAOs: Why are the Marshall Islands betting on a decentralized future?

‘Unlucky:’ Agave and Hundred Finance DeFi protocols exploited for $11M
DeFi to reach mass adoption via institutional participation, DEX founder says
Li Finance protocol loses $600,000 in latest DeFi exploit
SushiSwap community proposes Swiss legal structure to limit DAO liability

Coinbase to reportedly buy the $2.2B Brazilian unicorn behind Mercado Bitcoin

Fundraising (keep an eye on these names)
Katie Haun’s Crypto VC Fund Raises $1.5 Billion
February crypto VC roundup: Infrastructure startups attracted record funding

Santander Launches Loans Backed by Tokenized Wheat and Corn
Timechain joins Fireblocks to increase exposure
Robinhood Announces New Debit Card that Makes Crypto Investment Easy and Quick
Top Israeli bank to accept BTC and ETH trading through Paxos’ collaboration
Opera Announces Support for Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, and Others 
Kraken Supports Bitcoin’s Lightning Network After Delayed Launch

Animoca Brands targets social media giants in latest Web3 expansion plans
Chip giant Qualcomm launches $100M Metaverse fund

Bosnian court sides with Bitcoin miner in frozen bank account case
Canadian Oil Company to Allocate its Untapped Energy in Mining Bitcoin (Report)
Regulators May Decide Greenidge’s Bitcoin Mining Fate in June
Idle machines and spectacular pay: the byproducts of a banner year for bitcoin miner Marathon

Nation States (and other political jursidictions)
US e-cash: Bill proposes digital currency that replicates cash, bypasses the Fed
Rio de Janeiro to accept Bitcoin for real estate taxes from 2023
OpenSea Enables NFT Purchases With Credit Cards, Apple Pay
El Salvador could launch its bitcoin bond next week, but some key details remain unclear

NFT (Tokenization)
Mark Karpeles announces commemorative NFT drop for Mt. Gox users
Nexo To Allow Investors To Earn Yields on Bored Ape-inspired Token
Lionel Messi Signs a $20M Deal to Become the Global Ambassador of Socios
Twitch Co-Founder’s Solana Gaming NFT Platform Fractal Raises $35M
[see also this recent Blockworks interview]

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
Japan plans to tighten crypto exchange regulation to enforce sanctions
US Congress agency recommends 4 key policy options for blockchain
EU Parliament can outlaw transacting with ‘unhosted’ wallets, crypto advocate warns
Is Austin the next US crypto hub? Officials approve blockchain resolutions
Vietnam To Devise Legal Framework for Crypto
European Union Outlaws All Anonymous Crypto Transactions Involving Exchanges [European politicos successfully hobble Europeans. Again.]
US Companies Must Disclose Customer Crypto Holdings, Says SEC
SEC Staff Call For Crypto Entities To Show Liability on Balance Sheet

America’s Oldest Bank to Become Primary Custodian of Circle’s USDC
Proposed Bill Would Require Stablecoins to Be Backed by Dollars, Government Securities [raised eyebrow]
Why Bitfinex and Tether want to get into bitcoin mining

Biden Eyes $5 Billion in 2023 Revenue From Applying New Tax Reporting Rules to Crypto

The Wall Street

Grayscale gears up for legal battle with SEC over Bitcoin ETF
Silvergate Issues Bitcoin-collateralized Loan to MicroStrategy Subsidiary
WisdomTree Launches Three New Crypto ETPs Tracking Solana, Cardano, Polkadot
CME Group ‘Looking At’ Offering Solana, Cardano Futures
SEC Denies Bitcoin ETF From Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest

Time Capsule

Outside News

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