The Weekly News Roundup, ending 20 March 2022

This week’s summary (I’m starting to think of it as a newsletter sometimes, there’s so much to draw from it), was very fun to put together. It’s an exciting time to be in the digital assets space. Even with prices going sideways, adoption, innovation, applications, and usage is growing like weeds. Of my five years in the space, I haven’t been more excited- and it’s still going to get bigger and faster. Buckle up.

I’m also still working out the nuts and bolts for getting the newsletter subscription API set up. Until that’s live, I’ll be publishing the newsletter here on Tinycryptoblog.

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Be well, Everyone.

“Everything is a trojan horse for bitcoin. The use cases are being pushed into our faces with increasing frequency. Bitcoin is now mainstream.”

-Brian Cost

“Bitcoin will eat the world.”

-Brian Cost

“Crypto is perhaps the most pure form of disruption that I will see in my lifetime. Institutions do not accept disruption. They get disrupted by it.”

-Mike Ippolito, Blockworks

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Nuvei Partners With Ledger to Enable Direct Crypto On-Ramp for Users
14% of Salvadoran businesses have transacted in BTC: Chamber of Commerce

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Jamaican Central Bank Plans to Airdrop $16 to First 100 Citizens Of CBDC

Company / Product / Project News
Ethereum ‘Merge’ edging closer with final Kiln testnet launch
Diem team members raise $200M to launch blockchain derived from it

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
NCA wants regulation for coin mixers, but the crypto industry is already one step ahead
‘We don’t like our money’: The story of the CFA and Bitcoin in Africa
Fighting economic warfare with crypto’s double-edged sword
Exodus crypto wallet starts trading on SEC-registered platform
Crypto Could be an Alternative to Gold, Says DBS Bank CEO
Crypto Brain Drain in India is Absolutely Crazy, Says Polygon Co-Founder
Ethereum balance on crypto exchanges falls to lowest levels since 2018

Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright to Pay $43M in Prejudgment Interest
BlockFi confirms unauthorized access to client data hosted on Hubspot

Legal DAOs: Why are the Marshall Islands betting on a decentralized future?

‘Unlucky:’ Agave and Hundred Finance DeFi protocols exploited for $11M
DeFi to reach mass adoption via institutional participation, DEX founder says

Exchanges rolls out its exchange platform in the United States
FTX Granted Crypto License With Dubai HQ in Sights
Coinbase Rolls Out Test of Fee-free Trading
Colombian Users Sue Binance For Blocking Their Funds
Binance Stops Opening New Accounts for Ontario Users (Report)

Fundraising (keep an eye on these names)
ConsenSys raises $450M in Series D funding, doubles valuation in four months
Funding Roundup: More Than $1.8 Billion Pooled Into Crypto Companies and Funds This Week

Santander Launches Loans Backed by Tokenized Wheat and Corn

Amex trademark filings suggest possible entry to the metaverse
HSBC Buys Virtual Real Estate in Sandbox Metaverse
FTX and AZA Finance Collaborate To Support Web3 Growth in Africa
DraftKings Links NFTs to Betting Products in Web3 Push
Coinbase Dives Deeper Into Web3: Launches Coinbase Pay
HSBC Enters The Metaverse by Partnering With The Sandbox

European Parliament votes against PoW ban, providing huge relief to the crypto industry
Over 100 illegal mining farms were shut down in enforcement raids in Kazakhstan
Crypto miner Hut 8 posts record revenue as BTC holdings surge 100%
Miners that hodl the most Bitcoin are ‘relentlessly expanding’
Small Crypto Miners Are Fixating on Dwindling Towns and Dilapidated Buildings
Dubai Is the Latest Government To Roll Out Crypto Law, Set Up Regulator

Nation States (and other political jursidictions)
Austin mayor embraces Web3 tech and crypto payments
Central Bank of Russia issues digital asset license to Sberbank in apparent policy reversal
US lawmakers discuss crypto’s role in sanctions, national security and humanitarian aid
Illinois Moves Closer To Accepting Crypto for Taxes, but Not Considering Legal Tender Status
President Zelensky of Ukraine Signs Virtual Asset Bill to Legalize Crypto

NFT (Tokenization)
CryptoCom Releases an NFT Collection Featuring NBA Star LeBron James
Instagram is adding NFTs soon, says Mark Zuckerberg
ApeCoin announcement surges BAYC floor price to near-ATH before correction
Universal Music’s Web3 Label Acquires Bored Ape NFT for $360,000
Report: 50% of NFT Holders Have Lost Access to Their NFTs
GameStop To Launch Its NFT Marketplace In Late Q2
Enjin’s Efinity Becomes the First NFT Parachain on Polkadot

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
Bitcoin ATMs Banned in the United Kingdom Over Money Laundering Concerns
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rolls Out Bill Designed To Close Crypto Loopholes to Sanctions
Bitcoin ATMs Illegal in the UK, Regulator Says
UK Crime Agency Wants to Regulate Crypto Transaction Mixers
Argentina to Include Crypto Firms in AML Regulations 

-Some of the chatter is that stablecoins might serve in the functionary role of cross-border payments.

Singapore to Tax Income Generated From NFT Transactions

The Wall Street

New Digital Asset Manager Files for First ETF
CoinShares Seeks To Reach More Investors by Upping Stake in FlowBank

Time Capsule

Outside News

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