Robert Breedlove: An Inquiry into Decentralization with Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees talks with Robert Breedlove to explore the nature of decentralization.

Enjoy and be well, Everyone.

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OUTLINE 00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro 00:00:08 How Do We Determine Decentralization? 00:06:09 Decentralization is Solely for Censorship-Resistance? 00:09:24 Does Ethereum’s Pre-mine Prohibit its Decentralization? 00:13:08 The Ethereum Post-DAO Hack Fork 00:17:57 “Code Is Law” 00:22:07 Ethereum Is Not Money; It Is Liquid Venture Capital 00:26:50 Is Ethereum Market-Proven? 00:28:33 Is Decentralized Exchange a Valid Use Case? 00:35:43 The Indivisibility of the Bitcoin Social Layer 00:37:57 What is the Total Addressable Market for Ethereum? 00:41:00 The “Ultra-Sound Money” Narrative 00:46:33 The Store of Value Marketplace Dynamics 00:51:30 Is Lightning Network Decentralized? 00:56:53 NYDIG 00:58:00 What is Shapeshift? 01:04:22 Where is Shapeshift on the Path to Decentralization? 01:10:14 What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)? 01:15:45 Current Law Does Not Contemplate the Existence of DAOs 01:19:10 Are Other Organizations Pursuing the Path of Decentralization? 01:23:09 The Governance Model of Shapeshift DAO 01:27:21 Why Not Build All DAOs on Bitcoin? 01:30:55 The Non-Coercive Politics of Decentralized Protocols 01:38:40 ICOs and Self-Regulation 01:43:19 Can Self-Regulation Work in Practice? 01:52:30 What is the Utility Value of Ethereum? 01:59:23 What is the Endgame of Bitcoin and Decentralization?

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