The Weekly News Roundup, ending 6 February 2022

Prices recover, truckers re-ignite the human spirit, and twitter was active.

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The Bitcoin Block Subsidy Wars of 2026-2031 is going to be a doozy.

-Achim Warnooor

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This Week In Twitter

Centralization and unchecked power is a slippery slope, indeed.


Workers Can Get Paid in Bitcoin Via New NYDIG Offering
Bitcoin Network Transaction Volume Surpasses AmEx, Research Shows
Russian central bank registers nation’s first digital asset manager
Crypto payment card ‘top priority’ for Binance Ukraine in 2022

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
India to Launch CBDC by 2022-2023, Proposes 30% Tax on Crypto Income
Central Bank of Jordan reveals CBDC plans

Company / Product / Project News
ConsenSys Acquires MyCrypto to Further Enhance Its Web3 Wallet

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
Ted Cruz buys the Bitcoin dip [Now let’s see Liz Warren follow suit]
Crypto donations jumped nearly 16x in 2021, new report says
Cryptocurrencies are the “new frontier” says financial researcher
Fidelity: Bitcoin is a ‘superior form of money’


In Second Largest DeFi Hack Ever, Blockchain Bridge Loses $320M Ether

FTX Acquires Liquid Group, Expanding Presence in Japan
Crypto Exchange FTX Now Valued at $32B After Third Fundraise in Six Months

Bitcoin SegWit adoption lags among major exchanges: Glassnode
Litecoin is finally launching its major Mimblewimble upgrade

Morgan Stanley Sees $8 Trillion Metaverse Market — In China Alone [Don’t forget: we’re VERY, VERY early in this space- anything goes]

Profitability makes crypto mining more expensive in Argentina
New York gubernatorial candidate calls for moratorium on proof-of-work mining

Nation States (and other political jursidictions)
El Salvador Turns to US Bitcoin Wallet to Revamp Chivo
Myanmar’s military government considers launching digital currency: Report
Bitcoin education center launches in El Salvador to boost adoption
‘Philly is ready’ for CityCoins says city council

NFT (Tokenization)
Wash Trading, Which Inflates NFT Prices, Growing ‘Area of Concern’ for Traders
NFL to offer virtual NFT tickets at Super Bowl in Los Angeles
NFT battles: Nike takes seller of unlicensed NFT sneakers to court
OpenSea monthly volumes top $5B as NFTs continue to mainstream
NFT project blankets Texas capital city in pro-crypto billboards
GameStop Integrates with Immutable X for NFT Marketplace, Unveils $100 Million Grant Offer

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
Fate of ‘Millions of Taxpayers’ Hangs in Balance of IRS Crypto Staking Case
America COMPETES Act passes House without ‘disastrous’ provision on crypto

Silvergate’s Acquisition of Diem’s Assets Positive for Stablecoin Launch, Analysts Say
Amber Group Extends Its Foothold in Japan with DeCurret Acquisition
Circle’s USDC stablecoin gobbles Tether’s market share with 50B milestone

Bipartisan Bill Proposes Tax Exemption for Small Crypto Transactions
Thailand Drops Plans to Impose 15% Crypto Withholding Tax
UK tax agency cracks down on rules around DeFi lending and staking
Coinbase Partners with TurboTax for Tax Refunds in Crypto
Colombia clamps down on crypto tax evasion as adoption thrives

The Wall Street

Crypto Fear and Greed Index– A measure of sentiment, useful during market moves
First Grayscale ETF Begins Trading With Aim of Tracking Digital Economy
Hong Kong Restricts Trading of Crypto ETFs to ‘Professional Investors’ Only
SEC Approves First National Blockchain-powered Boston Security Token Exchange
SEC again delays decision on Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF
Canadian Bitcoin ETF sees its third-biggest daily inflow ever
VanEck Launches Its Flagship Multi-Token Digital Currency Fund

Time Capsule
Vale Diem: How Facebook’s ambitious stablecoin project came to an end

Outside News

You Do Not Change Bitcoin. Bitcoin Changes You.
Ted Cruz buys the Bitcoin dip


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