The Weekly News Roundup, ending 30 January 2022

Lots of news on the regulatory front this week, and twitter was active.

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This Week In Twitter


Amex CEO hints at exploring ways to allow credit card holders to redeem points for crypto […Bakkt?]
Flushing it: $8B New York commercial bank to offer Bitcoin services #NYDIG

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Bank of Korea completes first phase of digital currency pilot

Company / Product / Project News
Trezor removes controversial address verification protocol, other wallets follow suit
Fantom (FTM) Is Now Second-Largest Blockchain Network in DeFi TVL
Solana Suffers Another Outage, SOL Price 15% Down
Meta Platforms-Backed Diem Project Looking to Liquidate Its Assets

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
Bank of America says stablecoin adoption and CBDC is ‘inevitable’
Meta goes Brazil to trademark Bitcoin and crypto services
LeBron James and team up for blockchain education initiative
Chinese food delivery giant joins CBDC efforts

The biggest crypto heists of all time
Uniswap founder’s bank account shut down by JP Morgan Chase, shadow-debanking allegations surface



Bithumb to block crypto withdrawals to unverified private wallets
FTX US Raises $400 Million, Valued at $8 Billion

Klarna Launches ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Physical Card in UK
BCB Group Conducts UK’s Largest Blockchain-Based Series A Funding Round
MoonPay Launches World’s First Credit Card Checkout for NFT Purchases (see also “NFT”)

Meta Introduces AI Research SuperCluster, Develops World’s Fastest Supercomputer
Fidelity Files Metaverse ETF Application with SEC
Turkish president orders ruling party to organize metaverse forum

Yet another solo Bitcoin miner solved a valid block, earning a reward worth over $220,000 [This is becoming a habit…] See above tweets
Valkyrie aims for ETF linked to Bitcoin mining firms on Nasdaq

Nation States (and other political jursidictions)
Indonesia’s crypto industry in 2021: A kaleidoscope
First European Politician from Belgium to Accept Bitcoin in His Salary
Disgraced MP tells Parliament UK can be the ‘home’ of crypto

NFT (Tokenization)
Paris Hilton says that the metaverse will be the ‘future of partying’
YouTube CEO hints that NFTs could be added to creator platform
John Lennon and The Beatles Memorabilia Up for Auction as NFTs
Reddit to Implement NFT Profile Pic Feature, Conducting Tests

Regulation, Legislation & Legal Matters
U.S. Congressman wants to scrub bill provision that crypto advocates say is a potential disaster
Russian finance ministry official calls for crypto regulation, not restriction
Indonesian regulator takes cue from Islamic NGOs, bars crypto sales for institutions
Thai regulators team up to issue guidelines on digital asset payments
Germany’s 2021: New regulations, the digital euro and NFTs on the rise
Fitch says proposed Russia crypto ban eases risks but curbs innovation
House members urge US treasury secretary to clarify definition of broker in infrastructure law
SEC reportedly probing crypto lending products by Gemini and Celsius

Coinbase Offers Slew of New Tax Support Features

The Wall Street

Fidelity seeks approval for 2 more crypto-metaverse ETFs
Grayscale Adds LUNA, AVAX and MATIC to Consideration List
SEC Delays Approval/Rejection Response on ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF and Teucrium Bitcoin Futures Fund
Valkyrie Files Application for Bitcoin Mining ETF with US SEC
Bitcoin ETF: Giant fund Charles Schwab joins the queue

Time Capsule

Outside News

Supply Shocks

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