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Visa Launches Crypto Advisory Hub
Ledger Launches Crypto Debit Card to Facilitate Mainstream Transactions

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Eastern Caribbean CBDC expands to another two territories

Company / Product News
Chainlink Labs Taps Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt as Strategic Advisor
Kickstarter to Build Open-source Protocol, Plans to Shift Its Crowdfunding Operations to Blockchain
Arrow Glacier: New Upgrade for Ethereum to Commence on December 9
Mastercard Enlists Ava Labs as Part of Its Start Path Crypto Program
Parallel Finance Secures Fourth Slot on Polkadot Parachain with $300M Crowdloan
Polygon Acquires Ethereum Scaling Startup Mir Protocol for $400 Million
Major Indian bank breaks ‘banking ban’ with WazirX crypto exchange deal
Coinbase launches open-source cryptography library Kryptology
Jack Dorsey’s Spiral demos Bitcoin Lightning Development Kit
Lending platform taps Chainlink Oracles to secure its DeFi lending and borrowing protocol
Wallet provider Ledger launches crypto debit card

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
US is ‘unquestionably’ behind the curve on crypto ETFs, says Brian Brooks


BIS Calls Complete Decentralization in DeFi Illusion, Stresses on Proper Regulations
Sovryn Origins Supercharges DeFi on Bitcoin with OG Token Launch


FTX Seeking Staggering $1.5B in New Funding Round at $32B Valuation
Binance in Talks to Set Up New Exchange with Indonesia’s Biggest Businesses
Binance plans to become registered UK firm despite regulatory setbacks
Coinbase announces support for hardware wallets, starting with Ledger
Binance Singapore arm acquires 18% stake in private stock exchange

WhatsApp to Allow Users to Send and Receive Money with Novi Crypto Wallet in US
Gemini partners with Colombia’s biggest bank for crypto trading
WhatsApp starts testing currency payments with Meta’s Novi wallet

Legistlation & Regulation & Legal Matters
Crypto CEOs Receive Warm Welcome Appearing before US Lawmakers, Bitcoin Holds Steady
Crypto tumblers, exchanges under microscope as DOJ launches new task force


Bitcoin hash rate returns to all-time high levels

NFT (Tokenization)
Ubisoft Dabbles into NFTs by Unveiling New Platform Ubisoft Quartz, Tezos Shoots 30%
Retail buyers made up more than 80% of NFT transactions in 2021: Chainalysis

Nation States
Florida governor’s budget proposal wants to let businesses pay fees in crypto


The Wall Street

Three Arrows Capital Buys Ethereum Dip Despite Gas Fee Criticism
WisdomTree Amends Its Bitcoin ETF Filing
CME Group launches micro Ether futures as ETH hovers at $4K
Nasdaq Stockholm lists Bitcoin and Ether exchange-traded notes
MicroStrategy purchases $82M in Bitcoin, now holds 122,478 coins

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Outside News

Supply Shocks

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