The Weekly News Roundup, ending 28 November 2021

News Flash
The Ghislane Maxwell trial starts on the November 29th. Will we find out who in the Club has committed genuine crimes?

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“As it is written today, however, the BIF would increase uncertainty in the cryptocurrency industry, pick winners and losers, and thwart Internal Revenue Service (IRS) efforts to accurately tax cryptocurrencies, all while eroding our country’s competitive edge against other countries on the digital asset marketplace.”

Letter with signatures from multiple U.S. representatives regarding the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF)

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US Navy to pilot blockchain-based project to improve medical supply lines
White paper introducing Jack Dorsey’s decentralized Bitcoin exchange published on Friday
Germany’s New Government Is Bringing Crypto Front and Center

CBDC (are just Surveillance Tokens)
Tanzania reportedly makes plans to launch CBDC

Company / Product News
Coinbase acquires crypto wallet provider BRD’s team as utility token price surges 500%
Celsius Expands Its Funding Round to $750M

Chatter, Commentary and Opinions
The future is Bitcoin, according to South Park creators
ASIC chair Longo calls the growing demand for crypto ‘impossible to ignore’
Ethereum Hits New Milestone with Over 1M ETH Burnt after EIP-1559 Implementation

Animoca to repay users 265 ETH stolen in fake NFT drop Discord hack

Australian Senator says DeFi is ‘not going away any time soon’



Exodus wallet integrates with SportX to enable esports betting with crypto

Legistlation & Regulation & Legal Matters
New German government cites crypto in coalition agreement
Crypto poses no big risk to economy so far, Bank of Canada official says
Finnish regulators tighten the screw on digital currency marketing
Senate Wants Clarity on Stablecoins: Tether Promises to work in Compliance with Authorities

The Metaverse is a $1T opportunity after users increase 10x: Grayscale report

Texan Bitcoin mining power demands could jump 5 times by 2023
Bitcoin Miner Griid Is In Talks To Go Public Via Merger With Adit EdTech SPAC

NFT (Tokenization)
Nifty News: $2.5M virtual land sale, MetaSoccer raises $2.2M, CryptoDragons get Egg-cited
South Korea financial authority rules that NFTs are taxable
Adidas Announces Collaboration with Coinbase and The Sandbox
Decentraland Virtual Land Plot Sells for Record $2.43 Million

Nation States
El Salvador celebrates Black Friday, buys 100 BTC for 20% off
El Salvador’s dollar debt dives on Bitcoin bond plans
El Salvador to inaugurate Bitcoin City backed by $1B BTC bonds


The Wall Street

Australia’s Rest Super retirement fund to invest in crypto for its 1.8M members
Institutional managers bought the dip as crypto funds see $154M in weekly inflows

Time Capsule

Outside News

Supply Shocks

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