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I’m finally back to putting musing down to print. Follow along at the link in the article title or links below. I’ll be publishing more pieces as they spill out of my mind.

Enjoy and be well, Everyone.

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Bitcoin is Freedom

Everyone should own a little bitcoin, because bitcoin is freedom.

Bitcoin will succeed, because it is a digital payment network that gives people the greatest amount of economic freedom that they’ve ever had. The rules apply to anyone and everyone who participates in this network — there are no exceptions. Unlike our current system, you can choose to participate and abide by these rules, or to not participate. It’s global, peer to peer, and has no gate keepers to tell you what you can or can’t do with it. It is the most democratic monetary network humanity has ever seen. The supply cannot be debased (it is fixed at 21 million units.) It requires energetic investment to create value, the same as we invest energy into our labor to produce value.

It is the future of money, and because the rules can’t be changed by a privileged few, it benefits all.

Regardless of price, I will ALWAYS recommend that you buy and hold a little bitcoin, BECAUSE it gives you access to that network. If you self-custody, you become your own bank. That value is yours, and yours alone. No bank controls it, no government can confiscate it.

Buy and hold some bitcoin. Because bitcoin is freedom.


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