The Co$t of Crypto Podcast , ep 010, An Introduction To the CofC Podcast

Finally, I’m publishing a podcast on a podcast platform! (and uploading to youtube, as well.)

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Sidenotes 006 – Russia and Ukraine Raise the Banner The Cost of Crypto Podcast

A month ago bitcoin's use case was highlighted by Canadian protestors.  Now, Russian and Ukrainian nationals and state bodies have placed bitcoin on the  center stage, illustrating its neutrality and utility as a sovereign money and network, and also forcing the hands legislators and regulators to propose and craft laws, which gives bitcoin validation, and acts as a trojan horse for adoption. Be well, Everyone. Questions, comments or topic suggestions: hello @ FOLLOW TINYCRYPTOBLOG: Website: Medium: Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Minds: BitChute: Odysee: Brighteon: PURCHASE CRYPTOS USING THESE SERVICES: Coinbase: (buy/sell $100, get $10 of bitcoin free): Swan Bitcoin: (Lower fees than Coinbase, and get $10 of bitcoin when you sign up: Strike App Send money INSTANTLY anywhere in the world for free & buy bitcoin with with a 1.15% fee. Earn $5 when you sign up: Changelly: Abra: Binance US: EARN BY LENDING YOUR CRYPTO: BlockFi: earn a $10 bonus when you deposit your first $100 of crypto. Abra: EARN BITCOIN IN REBATES WHEN YOU SHOP ONLINE AND IN-STORE: -Lolli: ttps:// -Fold app (including shopping on Amazon!) -Rakuten. Sign up using this link, and when you spend $25 you earn a $10 bonus: -Find the best prices and automatically apply online coupons when you shop using Honey: MERCH: Get your crypto-themed merchandise and support independent artists at Teepublic: RECOMMENDED BROWSER:  Block unwanted ads and earn rewards while browsing using the Brave browser: ***Disclaimer:  This is not financial advice, merely my own opinions and views.  Before making any investment decisions involving money, always do your own research (DYOR) and NEVER invest money that you cannot afford to lose.*** — Send in a voice message:
  1. Sidenotes 006 – Russia and Ukraine Raise the Banner
  2. Cost of Crypto – Episode 028 – Get Out. NOW (dealing with political risk)
  3. Sidenotes 005 – Big News on Stablecoin Regulation in the United States
  4. Cost of Crypto, Ep 027 – Free Thoughts on the Space, August 2021 to January 2022
  5. There'll Be Some Changes Made (To the Podcast)


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