Off-Topic Issue – Dealing with Division in Society Today

I’m deviating from the crypto theme for just a moment, because I want to share a few words that need to be said, and it will help people.

Originally posted on one of my other blogs.

Be well, Everyone.

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Over the last several months, people may have seen posts I’ve shared that run counter to most commonly held thoughts, or that challenge the narratives around #covid19. My doing so was an in response to what I had seen arising as a huge wave of momentum built on fear (that came from having numbers, and horror stories, and doom porn thrown in our faces 24/7,) bad information (the early estimates of cases and fatalities was SO erroneous,) and no information (it had never been exposed to the general population, so we knew nothing of preventative measures, safety measures, and spread.)  Too often, when information came out that would be counter to the prevailing narrative, it would be challenged (rightfully so,) but too often as things are these days, very strong emotions blur people’s ability to consider what they, or the people in officialdom (who also have the pressure to cover their a**) might be wrong, id est, critical thinking skills.

The events that have unfolded have been a shock of unprecedented measure. We were taken off guard, thrown off-balance, and were scrambling to make sense of all this and figure things out while trying to re-balance and live our day-to-day lives. External forces exerted themselves and we had to face things that our prior day-to-day lives prevented, like, learning to co-exist with family members in a very intimate way now that we did not have the benefit of daily time separate from each other [we were forced to learn about each other and how our personalities interact on a VERY intimate level now that we were together 24/7]; we had to figure out how to re-interact in the public space, which runs counter to the patterns and beliefs we followed literally every day of our life; we had to learn to surrender a lot of free will as measures were imposed that created restrictions on interaction. All of this created lots of stress, lots of uncertainty, and when it’s added as a layer on top of the things we are already dealing with in the personal and public sphere, IT INTENSIFIED EVERYTHING. Our beliefs became more tribal, people who thought differently were WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! and the seeds of division were sown among us.
I admit that I do not have all the answers. I admit that I am wrong. I admit that my views around heath measures and safety concerning the #coronavirus have changed, but it was because I TALKED to people who’s viewpoints are different than mine and LISTENED with the framework that what they are saying IS VALID, REGARDLESS OF MY OWN VIEWPOINT. (That doesn’t mean that the other person was always correct, but they saw things and interpreted things that I was not able to, and the benefit of that was it help me see and realize more than I alone was capable of.
All this said, we’ve reached a point where we’ve been able to wrap our biases around circumstances, and continue our divisive ways, but with MORE INTENSITY, and MORE REFUSAL TO LISTEN. It’s only after we listen to other people’s viewpoints that we can evolve our own.
As Bruce Lee was quoted (loosely), “There is no one way.” Take on what works, drop what no longer does. The same goes for our understanding of events and ideas. OUR RIGIDITY IS OUT DOWNFALL. We either stand together or fall apart divided.  The best way to put the public sphere into an understandable context is to view it like the family unit. Does a successful family call each other names? Insult one another? Refuse to listen to the other person’s viewpoint or feelings? No. It means holding others AND YOURSELF accountable: admitting when you are wrong, and helping point out to others where they might be wrong.

I didn’t thing my narrative would go in this direction, but it has. I’ll wrap it up, since I think I’ve laid out a decent enough smorgasbord of food for thought to ponder.

Be well, Everyone.


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