A Comprehensive Guide on How to Purchase Bitcoin Using a Coinstar Machine

Recently it had been announced that coinstar had partnered with Coinme to sell bitcoin from their coin-counting machines in the United States. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to purchase bitcoin from a Coinstar machine.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

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Go to either the Coinstar or Coinme website to look up the nearest location


When you get to the machine and begin your transaction, on the home screen, there will be an option to purchase bitcoin.  Select that.


You’ll have to agree to the terms and conditionsScreenshot_20190609-180902_Video PlayerScreenshot_20190609-180910_Video Player


Enter a cell phone number to tie in to the transaction and receive transaction notificationsScreenshot_20190609-180943_Video Player


At this point, the exchange rate will be shown (which is at a 5% premium to the current price of bitcoin) You will have five minutes to complete your purchase and lock in the quoted priceScreenshot_20190609-181005_Video Player


Insert cash into the machine and confirm purchase.  The machine will print out a voucher that has the quoted price, the 4% transaction fee, the total $ amount deposited (less the 4% “transaction fee,”) the total amount of bitcoin purchased, a redemption code, a pin number, and transaction information (Coinme ID#, Coinstar Machine #, Coinstar transaction #, date and timestampScreenshot_20190609-181015_Video Player



The next step is to set up a Coinme account online (if you haven’t already)
Go to coinme.com/redeem

Enter basic KYC (Know Your Customer) info (name, address, and a phone number)Screenshot_20190609-181033_Video Player


Upload a government-issued ID (passport, drivers license, identity card.)  Drivers licenses and ID cards need images of the front and back uploadedScreenshot_20190609-181140_Video Player


Upload a selfie imageScreenshot_20190609-181200_Video Player


Once uploaded, it will take five minutes to confirm the documentation (I believe it is software-based AI)


After verification is complete, you’ll be able to log in to your Coinme account.

For the first time you log in to your account, enter the License, ID or Passport numberScreenshot_20190609-181222_Video Player


A popup window will appear. Select “I want a new/empty account.” (If you have already completed set up and used the account, you would select “I’ve already used a Coinme machine.”)Screenshot_20190609-181237_Video Player


Choose and enter a password, then verify it by entering it againScreenshot_20190609-181250_Video Player


Next, you will need to redeem the bitcoin you purchased. Your phone number and redemption code from the voucher you received from the machine will be entered already.  You’ll only need to enter the four-digit pin number to continue.Screenshot_20190609-181259_Video Player


Once the voucher is verified, you’ll be taken to you Coinme wallet. This is the main page with various tabs. This wallet has all the basic functions of a wallet that you install on your phone or PC (as far as sending and receiving is concerned.)


The my “wallet tab” shows a list of all transactions. Screenshot_20190609-181307_Video Player


The “receive” page has the address and a QR code for the bitcoin wallet that created for the account that your bitcoin was sent to (and others can send to you.)

[Note- this online wallet is managed by Coinme, so you are not able to download the private keys (which controls the bitcoin wallet.)  As a rule of thumb, if you are not comfortable with someone else controlling your assets, I recommend downloading a digital wallet for your PC or your smart phone and sending it there.]Screenshot_20190609-181323_Video Player


In the “send” tab you can send enter a bitcoin wallet address, the amount of bitcoin to send and adjust the transaction fee you wish to payScreenshot_20190609-181418_Video Player


The “redeem” tab is where you will redeem additional purchases of bitcoin made at Coinstar machines, using your phone number, the redemption code and pin code

In “settings” you add/update your profile informationScreenshot_20190609-181342_Video Player


In the “locations” tab you can look up all the USA locations where you can buy bitcoin using a Coinstar machineScreenshot_20190609-181434_Video Player


Keep stacking those sats!


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2 replies

  1. What do I do if the coinstar machine fails to print out a receipt? How do I get my code


    • Great question. I think that the machines go “out of service” when it gets low/runs out of thermal paper to prevent that from happening with bitcoin transactions as well as coin counting. If that is NOT the case, taking pictures or video with a phone might be a good backup option.


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