Via Twitter: Murad Mahmudov on Bitcoin and the Cantillon Effect


The Cantillon Effect: Via Azizonomics | Via Wikipedia

The Cantillon effect is the principle that the first hand to touch newly created money receives the maximum benefit of usage and the minimum of effects of devaluation.  The longer money is held on to by someone, the greater the chance that what they hold will lose value over time (see chart below.)


A great example of this would be that companies and governmental bodies that can borrow money directly from federal reserve banks (which, as a reminder, are privately owned,) benefit the most from newly created money (in the form of loans (debt) and bonds.)  Since this money is used right away, the users/holders are not exposed to the long-term effects in the same way people who save money in the form of investments and bank accounts would.

Because bitcoin is trust-less, based on open-source software, and the supply growth is on a fixed timeline, it cannot be devalued by being produced faster than demand.  As it is decentralized and peer-to-peer, it makes everyone who holds it in a (digital) wallet their own bank (refer to the tweet at the beginning of the post.)

This is not investment advice.  Buy some bitcoin.  You’ll thank yourself.  Again, this is not investment advice.  ; )

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