Via the Block: Mapping out the Digital Currency Group’s Portfolio

If you are not familiar with the Digital Currency Group, you can check out some previous posts HERE.  In summary, they are a corporation made up of big money interests like Nasdaq, Citibank, and several other large players with fingers in finance and banking.  Via this excellent piece by The Block, they’ve mapped out their portfolio of investments.  It just a summary, but it gives you 1) and idea of their scope of influence, and 2) a LOT of leads to do further research.

If you want to understand the ecosphere better, it helps to understand what some of the whales are doing.  Dig in and enjoy.

Be well, Everyone.

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Mapping out Digital Currency Group’s Portfolio


Take a look at the investor roster of major companies in the crypto space and you’ll notice a certain firm that frequently appears: Digital Currency Group (DCG). Founded by Barry Silbert in 2015, DCG was originally made up of two bitcoin businesses, Genesis Global Trading, a cryptocurrency OTC trading firm, and Grayscale Investments, a cryptocurrency asset management firm combined with a few of Silbert’s personal seed investments.

Since then, the DCG has made investments in multiple verticals in the crypto space. From exchanges to blockchain protocols to media companies, DCG has spread its influence into every crevice of the market. The end goal? As Silbert tells Reuters, in a 2017 profile, he “aspires to build DCG into a publicly traded conglomerate like Berkshire Hathaway Inc, run by legendary investor Warren Buffett.” The goal looks increasingly likely with each passing day as the firm continues to make investments in blockchain and crypto companies, some of which are deeply influential in shaping the crypto landscape.

The Block has mapped out Digital Currency Group’s portfolio of 100+ companies.

  • CoinDesk (DCG subsidiary) is a news site cover crypto assets and blockchain technology
  • Digital Assets Data developers enterprise-grade software and data feeds for crypto hedge funds and other market participants.
  • EtherScan is an Ethereum blockchain explorer and data provider
  • Flipside Crypto providers data for measuring cryptocurrency project health
  • Joystream is a digital content platform
  • Livepeer is a peer-to-peer platform for live video broadcasting and streaming
  • NICKL is a digital content subscription platform
  • Nomics is a crypto asset data company providing market data APIs
  • TradeBlock develops enterprise tools for blockchain assets
  • Tradewave ceased operations in March 2017
  • Yours is a crypto-backed social network
  • Abra operates an app for buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • bitFlyer is a Japanese bitcoin exchange
  • BitOasis is a bitcoin exchanging serving the Middle East and North Africa
  • Bitso is a Mexican bitocin exchange and Ripple gateway
  • Bitwala is a platform for buying and selling bitcoin
  • BTCC was acquired in January 2018
  • Buda is a South American cryptocurrency exchange
  • Circle develops products for exchanging, storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies
  • Coinbase is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform
  • Coinhouse is a cryptocurrency excahnge
  • Coins is a Southeast Asian platform for buying, selling, sending, and spending cryptocurrencies
  • Coinsetter was acquired in January 2016
  • Crypto Facilities provides regulated cryptocurrency derivatives
  • ErisX is a crypto asset trading platform
  • Genesis Global Trading (DCG subsidiary) is a cryptocurrency OTC trading firm
  • Grayscale (DCG subsidiary) is a cryptocurrency asset management firm
  • itBit is a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Korbit was acquired in September 2017
  • Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange and OTC trading platform
  • Luno is a cryptocurrency wallet provider and exchange
  • Melotic is developing cryptocurrency exchange
  • Omniex is a cryptocurrency investment and trading platform for institutions
  • Radar Relay is a non-custodial peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading service
  • Safello is a bitcoin trading platform
  • SFOX is a cryptocurrency prime dealer for large-scale investors
  • ShapeShift is a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Unocoin is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange
  • BitPay is a bitcoin payment processor
  • BitPesa is a bitcoin remittance platform
  • ChangeTip was acquired in April 2016
  • Colu is a blockchain-based payments and rewards platform
  • Jiko is developing a digital bank
  • Logos is a blockchain-based payment rail
  • Money Button is a cryptocurrnecy payment button for websites and apps
  • POSaBIT is a cryptocurrency payment solution for the cannabis industry
  • Ripio is bitcoin payment platform for Latin Amercian businesses
  • Ripple is a cross-border payment platform
  • Silvergate is a banking platform
  • Streami is a cross-border remittance platform
  • Token is a banking service provider
  • Veem is a business to business payment platform
  • Wyre is an enterprise money transfer platform
  • Blockstream develops Bitcoin infrastructure and services
  • Colbalt develops back and middle office infrastructure based on blockchain technology for FX markets
  • Elemential enables businesses to deploy and developer blockchain networks
  • Enimga is developing a privacy layer for building dApps
  • Lightning Labs develops scaling protocols for blockchains
  • Nivaura developers end-to-end automation infrastructure for securities
  • Parity developers Ethereum infrastructure and services
  • Protocol Labs build protocols, systems, and tools for storing and transferring data
  • Terminal is a platform for managing Web 3 protocols and dApps
  • OpenZeppelin develops and implements smart contracts for various industries
  • Carbon is a stablecoin
  • Zcash is a privacy coin
  • Ethereum Classic is a token for a smart contract platform
  • Horizen is a privacy coin
  • Reserve is a stablecoin
  • Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) is the token behind the Rootstock sidechain
  • Bitcoin is the first consensus-based, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency
  • Filecoin is a token for decentralized data storage
  • Lucid Sight is a blockchain gaming studio
  • Decent is a blockchain healthcare platform
  • Stratumn is a process verification service
  • Mifiel enables businesses to sign legal contracts using blockchain technology
  • BTCJAM ceased operations in May 2017
  • HashPlex is a cryptocurrency mining service
  • 21 Inc (a.k.a EARN) was acquired in April 2018
  • Gem is a crypto portfolio tracker
  • Jackpocket is a mobile app for playing state lotteries using cryptocurrencies
  • BitGo is a cryptocurrency custody provider
  • Blockchain a cryptocurrency custody provider
  • CoinJar a cryptocurrency custody provider
  • Ledger a cryptocurrency custody provider
  • Vault a cryptocurrency custody provider
  • Xapo a cryptocurrency custody provider
  • Filament is a decentralized IoT platform
  • Hijro connects banks, buyers, and suppliers across one network designed to streamline and automate settlement
  • Provenance enables businesses to track products across their supply chain lifecycle
  • Skuchain develops smart contracts that govern trade agreement from order, shipment and invoice to final payment
  • Chainalysis developers tools and services to prevent, detect, and investigate cryptocurrency money laundering, fraud, and compliance violations
  • Elliptic identifies illicit activity on blockchain networks and provides actionable intelligence to companies, financial institutions, and government agencies
  • Norbloc builds regulatory applications for blockchains
  • Axoni develops enterprise blockchain solutions
  • BigchainDB develops enterprise blockchain solutions
  • Bloq develops enterprise blockchain solutions
  • Chain develops enterprise blockchain solutions
  • Hedera Hashgraph is a public blockchain protocol for enterprises
  • Boost VC is a pre-seed venture fund
  • Coinlist is a platform for running compliant token sales
  • Layer1 is a cryptocurrency investment firm
  • Bitmark is property rights management platform
  • Blokur is a digital rights management platform
  • Custos Media Technologies digital rights management platform
  • Mediachain Labs was acquired in April 2017
  • Revelator is a platform for payments and copyright management
  • Dapper Labs develops non-fungible crypto assets

  • Decentraland is decentralized virtual reality platform

  • Tierion is data verification platform

  • DIRT Protocol is a protocol for trusted data

  • Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange

  • BitPremier ceased operations in September 2017

  • Gyft was acquired in July 2014

  • OB1 develops OpenBazaar a decentralized e-commerce platform

  • Purse is a bitcoin marketplace

  • Cognitio is an identity verification platform

  • MONI provides mobile banking tools and credits

  • Averon is a mobile identity platform

  • Pluris provides valuation advisory services to institutions

  • Sonia is an AI virtual assistant

  • Artie enables businesses to deploy interactive avatars

  • Bold (a.k.a VELO) was acquired in March 2014

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