Feed Your Mind | Videos of the Week, October 14th & 21st, 2018

As I was putting this together, I realized that two weeks worth of vids is too much of a task for readers to digest, so I’ll just put these out weekly.  Until then, enjoy your super-sized portion of brain food.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

Week of Oct 14th

Simply Explained – Savjee:  Blockchain & Smart contracts

Xavier goes over the very basics of blockchain technology, how the software operates, ledgers, nodes, verification (consensus,) application, and smart contracts.

Crypto Lark interviews Charles Hoskinson of IOHK (Cardano & ADA)

Lark and Charles go over the recent decision by Charles to walk away from the Cardano project.

UFD Tech: Does 2 Years of Mining Ruin A Graphics Card?

Side-by-side performance comparisons of a video card used for mining and a video card used for gaming.

Ben Semchee: Bakkt to the Moon! Fidelity! Stable Coins oh my! Cryptos are looking good again:)

The flow of money (retail versus institutional,)

Week of Oct 21st

Crypto Street Podcast: Episode 104: Interview with Luke Martin

General questions on the state of the crypto markets.

Ben Semchee: Coinbase/Circle stable coin! The road to asset backed tokenization!

How stablecoins are going to be used to 1) tokenize everything 2) move value from fiat currencies to bitcoin (and eventually other cryptocurrencies)

Ready Set Crypto:  What You Need To Know About This New CryptoCurrency Trend

Discussion on STOs (Security Token Offerings)

Miscellaneous Notes and Tools

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