Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Implementation News Summary for the Week of September 30, 2018

In this week’s headlines, we have more investment, and more expansion in cryptocurrency platforms and companies, and on the blockchain front, implementation continues in academia, sovereign governments, and in various industries.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

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Case Study: “How Venezuela Came to Be One of the Biggest Markets for Crypto in the World”

For the week of September 30, 2018


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Analysis: Ahead of Traditional Banking: How Africa Employs Blockchain For Financial Inclusion

Circle Acquires Crowdfunding Platform and Broker-Dealer SeedInvest

Bitcoin Startup Acinq Secures $1.7M to Give a Broader Push to Lightning Network Development

Yale University Invested in New $400 Million Crypto-Focused Fund, Says Report

Coinbase Set to Speed Up Bitcoin Payments Introducing ‘Child Pays for Parent’ System

Venezuela’s Petro: Public Sale to Commence on November 5, New Details Brought to the Surface

SBI Ripple Asia Launches MoneyTap App, Japanese Banks Consider the Crypto for Olympics

China’s Oldest Tech Magazine Now Accepting Payments In Bitcoin

Institutional Investors Step Up Investments in Cryptocurrency Market

Tiger Global Plans to Invest $500M in Coinbase Quadrupling Startup’s Valuation

Amid Peso’s Soaring Inflation the Number of Bitcoin ATMs in Argentina to Hit 30

Circle Invest Launches Three New ‘Collections’ to Simplify Investors’ Experience

US Brokerage Firm TD Ameritrade to Invest in New Crypto Exchange

Charles Schwab Exec Joins Coinbase Board

‘Cryptocurrencies are Here to Stay’, Says CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo

Report: Institutional Investors the Largest Buyers of Crypto Transactions Over $100K

Malta’s Prime Minister Tells UN That Crypto Is the ‘Inevitable Future of Money’


See the full history of blockchain implementation headlines HERE

Interview with Blue Whale Foundation CEO Will Lee: the Future of Freelancing is Blockchain

Analysis: South Africa and Crypto – a Conservatively Optimistic Approach

Report: Blockchain in Manufacturing Market Will Be Worth $500 Million by 2025

Oxford Business Law Blog: ‘Radical Rethink’ of Blockchain Regulation Is Imperative

Japan’s Prime Minister Appoints Pro-Blockchain Figure as Minister of Science, Tech, IT

Bank of America: Blockchain Market Could Hit $7 Bln, Will Give Boost to Amazon, Microsoft  (CNBC: Blockchain could be a $7 billion market and a major boost to Amazon, Microsoft, analyst says)

BlackBerry Unveils a Blockchain Platform For Healthcare Services

Korea’s Largest VC Firm Makes First Investment in Enterprise Blockchain Startup

Government Bonds: How Blockchain Can Beat the Red Tape

Swell 2018: Ripple’s xRapid Goes Live, Gets Support From 3 Financial Institutions

Major European Airline Wants Blockchain To Cut Out Middlemen’s Medici Ventures Invests In VinX To Create Blockchain Wine Market

14 European Banks Complete First Phase Of Blockchain Trial

New Blockchain Research Center Opens At UC San Diego

Wyoming Legislators Trying To Create Blockchain-Friendly Bank

Dapp Creates And Stores Art On The Ethereum Blockchain

Italian Banking Association Completes First Test of Blockchain-Based Interbank System

Israel Securities Authority To Use Blockchain To Secure Internal Messaging System

Spain Remains a Primary Example of Blockchain Optimism on All Levels

Australian Record Scalability Blockchain: How Crypto Is Stepping Into the Land Down Under

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