Via Twitter: Canadians Can Now Purchase Bitcoin Using Using Tax Free Savings Accounts and Retirement Plans

If you’re new to cryptos, read through this tweet and think about what this means:

(You can read the full article HERE)

Accredited investors (who have to have either $250,000 in annual income or a $1,000,000 investment portfolio in order to qualify,) can now use money from structured retirement funds to purchase cyrptocurrency.  It’s not mass-adoption- yet- but it’s another step in that direction.  How long do you think it will be before Wall Street gets in on the game after a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is approved?  Once an ETF is approved, you can bet your bottom dollar that all the investment houses will quietly be lobbying the appropriate people in Washington D.C. and state governments to get the green light for another product line to sell to the masses and earn commissions and fees off of.

The one caveat that I’m already pointing out ahead of time in using a third party to buy and hold cryptos (just like stocks and bonds today,) is: who holds the private keys?  The best analogy would be like saying, “who’s holding the keys to your safety deposit box?”  This is something you’ll have to consider one day, especially if you have the option to purchase cryptos using your IRA or 401(k).

Andreas Antonopolous summed up the basic rule of ownership like this: [I love this clip]

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

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