The 2018 #PillarUnconference, in Vilnius, Lithuania – Full Conference Video Presentations, Days 1-6 with added presentations

Here is the full playlist of the (un)conference that was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, July 16-21, 2018.  Personally, I’m very curious to see this wallet in action when it goes live.

More information available at:

Extra interview with Nick of Data Dash interviews David Siegel at the end.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

Day 1 – Jonas Udris + Lithuania as an EU’s blockchain hub panel 

Join us for the keynote by Jonas Udris from Lithuanian State Enterprise Centre of Registers and then the discussion panel with himself, Paulius Kuncinas, Yossi Dan and David Siegel of the Lithuanian government and public institutions on becoming the EU’s blockchain hub.

Day 2 – Andrew Henderson + ICOs & ICO investing panel 

Join us for the keynote by Andrew Henderson from Eversheds and discussion panel on ICOs and ICO investing with Nicholas Merten, Vic Arulchandran, Piers Ridyard and Michael Messele.

Day 3 – Vinay Gupta + Regulation & Innovation panel

Join us for the keynote by Vinay Gupta and a discussion panel on Regulation and Innovation with Anastasija Plotnikova, David Siegel, Paul Rieger

Day 4 – Taavi Rõivas + Identity on Blockchain & Government panel

Join us for the keynote by Taavi Rõivas and a discussion panel on How identity on blockchain can change governments with Kaliya IdentityWoman, Daniel Bar & Ron Kreutzer.

Day 5 – AGM & the Wallet DEMO

Join us for the II Semi-Annual General Meeting – report from every department in the Pillar Project – and a Wallet DEMO LIVE from Vilnius.

Q&A 1:30:55 – WALLET DEMO

Day 6 – Jeff Berwick & Luke Rudkowski [RECOMMENDED -BC]

Join us for the Decentralization & Self–Ownership Day with Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) & Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) LIVE from Vilnius.

Conference Highlights by New Kids on the Blockchain

Full Conference Presentations Playlist, Days 1-6

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