Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Implementation News Summary for the Week of July 23, 2018

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For the week of July 23, 2018


European Parliament Says Cryptocurrency Can Be Used as an Alternative to Money

BlockFi Becomes First Institutional Investment in Crypto-Backed Loans for Bitcoin and Ether

Crypto Mass Adoption App Bringing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to Starbucks and Mainstream Merchants Worldwide

Breaking: G20 Says Cryptocurrency Can Deliver ‘Significant Benefits’ to Financial System and Worldwide Economy

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Goes Into Overdrive: Leads US Bitcoin Industry With New Hires, Key Acquisitions

Nasdaq Holds Closed Door Event to Discuss Policing Crypto

Venezuela’s New National Currency Will Be Tied to the Petro, Says President

Iran Plans National Cryptocurrency as New US Sanctions Loom

CFTC Chair Says Regulator Is ‘Behind’ on Blockchain

Uber, E*Trade Vets to Launch No-Fee Crypto Exchange

China’s Answer to Reddit Is Launching a Crypto Token

Crypto Security Startup BitGo to Custody Zcash

Coinbase Launches Crypto Gift Card Service in Europe

Investment Startup Bitwise Proposes ETF for Top 10 Cryptos

Company to Create Global Network of Health Centers That Accept Cryptocurrency


Capital Goods Giant CNH Industrial Partners With IBM on Long-Term Blockchain Upgrade

Thai Bond Market Association to Launch Blockchain-Based Registrar Bond Service Platform

Two Major Spanish Public Institutions to Research Blockchain for Copyright Management

Tron Foundation Officially Completes Acquisition of BitTorrent

CFTC Chair Says Regulator Is ‘Behind’ on Blockchain

BRICS Bank Consortium to Research Blockchain Applications

Accenture May Use Blockchain to Track the Quality of Shipments

Hubble Researcher Focuses on Blockchain for Space Data Processing

South Korean Telecoms Giant KT Has Built Its Own Blockchain

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