David Icke – The Money Hoax (and why you need to understand this if you’re in cryptos)

I normally would post this content on my other blog, but it touches on the topic if the monetary system, which in its current firm has the effect if skimming the output if our bodily energy (via the medium if money,) and funnelling it to those who are in and affiliated with the kakistocracy (lso referred to as “the elite,” “the powers that be,” etc.) By understanding how the monetary system is rugged from the get-go gives you the backdrop to understand why a decentralized medium of value (like bitcoin) is so unf*ckingbelievably liberating. It is literally freedom from a system that we are effectively enslaved by.

I encourage you to DYOR and look up some videos by David Icke that expand on the topic.

Be well, Everyone.

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