Thoughts: The Bear Market of 2018- I’m Going To Miss It

I’m going to miss the bear market of 2018.

I’m going to miss a market that forced me to stop focusing on prices, and focus more on learning about projects and their technology.

I’m going to miss low fiat-to-crypto prices.

I’m going to miss having stable video card prices (especially eBay.)

I’m definitely going to miss the silence emanating from the price-chasing lambo moonshot crowd.

When I reflect on everything I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown during this time, I’m grateful to know just much enjoyment I truly have for cryptos and how much being involved in this space means to me. Getting to share the things that I’ve learned and to have that information out there for people to educate themselves is what drives me to contribute to this blog.

And with that, I want to say thanks for reading and following. Without you, the blog has little purpose.

Be well, Everyone.

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    1. No idea. Between all the talk of implementation and manipulation, and with how ridiculous the prices get monkey-hammered for no apparent reason, I’ve given up on guessing.

      I don’t know the technicals of how the ETFs will acquire the cryptos, but if they do it over-the-counter, prices won’t matter, since those transactions are happening off the exchanges.

      I’m genuinely curious to know how it is that we do make our way out of this bear market. Something’s going to have to make it happen.


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