Via the Daily Hodl: “Cryptocurrency Transaction Speeds: The Complete Review”

When talking transaction speeds, we’re talking the speed of which transactions on a given blockchain are confirmed and added to the ledger, (and funds get sent from wallet to wallet.)  The more transactions per second a network can handle, the greater the volume can be managed (you often hear the topic of “scaling up” when talking about expanded usage and implementation of a crypto into mainstream adoption.

This is a good overview of the more established projects out there and what kind of network load their blockchains can handle.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.



Cryptocurrency Transaction Speeds: The Complete Review

Transaction speed is one of the most talked about features in the world of cryptocurrency.

The faster a blockchain, or any digital ledger technology, can process a large number of transactions, the more likely it is to become a go-to platform. For example, a platform with a fast transaction speed could challenge traditional payment companies like Visa.

So Which Cryptocurrency has the Fastest Transaction Speed?

In this review, we’ll be going over the following:

• Transaction speeds of the Top Coins
• A Look at Visa’s True Transaction Speed
• The Future of Cryptocurrency Transaction Speed

Crypto Transaction Speeds Key Information

Tracking down the true transaction speed of a given cryptocurrency is tricky and often opens a portal leading to a parallel dimension of conjecture and embellishment.

Lots of coins are promising massive transaction speeds in the future, but these numbers are largely unproven and require more trials and testing to affirm. So it’s always important to take proclamations on transaction speed with a hefty grain of salt.

Each transaction speed listed below has a direct link to the source for your verification.

Transaction Speeds Complete Overview…

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