“Grab it with every hand you have and every one you can get a hold of.”

I haven’t posted a lot of content on TCB the last several weeks, mainly because of energy being drained by my workplace, but also attention and priority has gone to posts on my other blogs, Epoch Blog and Green Pitch Farms.  The posts I have shared here have been lots of Ben Semchee videos that have nuggets of info talking about what is going on with implementation of cryptocurrencies.  This might be hard for some people to swallow, but cryptocurrencies as a part of everyday life is going to happen.  I’m still digesting that.  I can’t argue against it in the face of seeing everything that has been making the news on implementation in everyday life: payment platforms, applications, social life, you name it.

Another aspect to take into consideration is prices.  I’m past the point where I’m in this for the money.  I see it as the future.  But when I see how real this shit is getting, the implementation, the (fiat) money that’s going to come into the space, until I get information that says otherwise, the potential to see November/December repeated again and on a sustained basis is entirely possible.  For just the POTENTIAL of that, all I can say to people is to accumulate cryptos with as many hands as you can.  This isn’t financial advice, and is just my owned informed opinion (DYOR!), but as a matter of sharing stuff, this is absolutely what the hell I am doing right now.

I’m going to get the Ben Semchee / JSNIP4 interview posted soon.  That buried the knife.  Absolutely.



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