Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Weekly Article Wrap Up – Week 49 / 2017

This is your weekly wrapup of articles related to cryptos.  Even if you don’t read the articles, take a gander at the headlines themselves, and you’ll still be up to speed with what’s going on in the crypto space.

As always, do your research.  Any decision you makes rests upon your shoulders.

Be well, everyone.


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Largest US Options Exchange CBOE to Enable Bitcoin Futures Trading by December 10

UBS Files Patent For Blockchain Validation

Dash Aims for Mass Adoption: Announces New Integration, Activates 2 MB Blocks

Bitcoin Can Pay Your Traffic Fines in South Africa

Venezuela Announces the Creation of Oil-Backed National Cryptocurrency – the Petro

Salt and Coinloan Promise Crypto-Asset Backed Fiat Loans

Azerbaijan Rejects Crypto as Means of Payment

Israeli Regulator: We Need to Welcome Cryptocurrency to Develop International ICO Hub

Tokyo Financial Exchange Plans for Bitcoin Futures Launch

Regulation and Guidance

NY Assemblyman Files Four Blockchain Technology Bills

South Korea Launches Cryptocurrency Task Force to Spearhead Regulations

UK Ministry of Treasury Plans to Regulate Bitcoin

South Korean Financial Authorities Plan to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges Soon

Will US Government Continue to Target Bitcoin Users for Taxes?

South Korea Is Investigating Methods to Tax Bitcoin Users

Philosophy and Commentary

Decentralized Personal Banking: A New Frontier of Personal Freedom

It’s Not Really About Bitcoin Price Surging, It’s Fiat Currencies In Free Fall


Bitcoin Mining Uses More Power Than Most African Countries [But it uses less power than plugged-in electronics sitting in idle. -Brian]

CryptoKitties Becomes Largest Ethereum-Based Decentralized Application

G-Eazy, Mariah and More to Sell Albums for Monero

Coinbase Customer Service Growing Exponentially as User Signups Continue to Soar

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin One of Bloomberg’s Top 50 Most Influential People


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