From the Daily Hodl – “A Jaw Dropping Look at Crypto Prices One Year Ago”

Shared from the Daily Hodl.  They’re posting some decent content there.  Give them a gander.


**Disclaimer: As always, the information I share is not investment advice and is for informational purposes only. Before making any investment decisions involving money, always do your research and use your best judgement before you commit. Any decision you make is all on you.**

Comment: I didn’t enter the crypto space until May of 2017.  By then, the price levels of the overall market had grown significantly.  As of this posting date, if I had put the same dollar amounts I have into these cryptos listed here at the prices listed here, it would have grown 1,000%.  The thought is absolutely staggering, and also unbelievable.  The whole time I would have been carrying this feeling of uncertainty that “this might not hold together.”  Yet, here we are with prices that are still in a general upward trajectory, and there’s only more money coming into the space.


With everything that I’ve learned to this date, I’m still screaming from the rooftops for people to get skin into the game.  Even if it’s only $20, it would be a good way to get involved.  Another way to look at things, if you had only put $20 into these various cryptos, now it be worth $200, without having ever touched them.  Not bad, all things considered.

Time for the post.

Be well, everyone.

A Jaw Dropping Look at Crypto Prices One Year Ago


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