Ameer Rosic – “Are We in a Cryptocurrency Bubble? The Evidence is Strong”

[Hindsight note:  At the time this video was released, the prices of bitcoin and other alt coins were on a tear to all time highs, right before prices took a hard dive south about a week later.  The ICO (initial coin offering) market was frothy and optimism was on a peak.)]

In this video, Ameer touches on the question if we (at the time of posting) in a cryptocurrency bubble.  He touches on ICOs and the risks due to a lack of legal structure and accountability by the teams issuing the currencies.

As always, do your research and use your discernment.  Any financial decisions you make is all on you.



Ameer Rosic is an entrepreneur, investor, blockchain evangelist and founder of BlockGeeks, an online hub about the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technologies, and Rosic Media and a niche digital marketing firm that has helped many helping companies leverage the latest and greatest marketing strategy to fuel their businesses.



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