Crypto & Blockchain Meetup Group

I’ve started a group to help educate people who are new to cryptos and blockchain technology, and no little to nothing about them.  The meetups are focused on teaching the very basics, allowing someone to begin their journey into the space.

The meetings are open discussions where I present the topic-related material and participants share questions and discuss ideas related to the material at-hand.  After the classes, I send out a “worksheet” with links and content-related information to all the participants, giving people a starting point to pursue their own independent research.

The topics are broken down into a cycle of four topics area that are held on a monthly basis and repeat three times throughout the year.

If you are anywhere in the north side of Chicago or are in the area on the date of a meetup, feel free to swing by.

Be sure to check the website to stay abreast of dates and open-topic talks.

What Is Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

This covers the five characteristics that make bitcoin a unique digital currency and describe what a blockchain is and how it functions.

PDF Download link—> Handout for A Beginners Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin

Buying Cryptocurrencies for the First Time

This covers the basics of how to set up an account with a crypto-buying service like Coinbase and getting a digital wallet to store your cryptos.

Buying (and Selling) Cryptos Using Exchanges and Other Services

This covers how to open accounts on crypto exchanges in order to buy and sell different cryptos, as well as using exchange services like Shapeshift and Changelly.

(*note- no financial advice is given- this is merely a tutorial on how to navigate the use of an exchange)

Risks and Pitfalls (aka- Don’t Repeat My Mistakes!)

It is said that smart people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from other’s mistakes.  I go over many of the risks (scams) that are out there and common mistakes people make that can easily be avoided.  You will gain peace of mind and some street smarts from this one.