How to Buy and Earn Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

Status Update, June 2019, I’ll be updating this page to a more streamlined format to provide a guide and important pointers for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and don’t know anything about them, I strongly suggest you read this previous post that has a series of 5-minute videos for beginners explain what bitcoin and blockchain technology is before you purchase anything.

  • ATMs
  • On-Ramp sevices
  • Exchanges

The easiest way to earn bitcoin is by using apps that credit you in bitcoin for purchases you are already making

lolli logo

Using the chrome extension Lolli, you earn rebates for online purchases (similar to eBates/Rakuten.)  They are currently partnered with over 1,000 retailers, including Wal-Mart,, Old Navy, Priceline, Gap, Macy’s and more.

You will only eventually need a bitcoin wallet to withdraw earnings (I recommend either Exodus or Coinami.)


Pei App


Using the Pei App, you earn points with off-line and online retailers (like Target, 7-Eleven, Subway, Dominos Pizza, McDonalds, Petco, Uber, Lyft and more.)  You can then redeem the points for retailer gift cards, payment via PayPal, or BITCOIN 

Sign up HERE, and use referral code “sv27nf” and earn $2.50 for signing up


Find an ATM anywhere in the world at CoinATMRadar

bitcoin depot

Bitcoin Depot – Website | Twitter | Sign up using and spend $150, and you and I both receive $15 of free bitcoin


Bitstop – Website | Twitter


Coinme (via Coinstar Machines) – Website | Twitter


Digital Mint – Website | Twitter

Onboarding Services


Abra –  Website | Twitter – Sign up and buy…


Coinbase – Website | Twitter – Sign up and buy $150 of any combination of cryptos, and you and I both get $10 of free bitcoin


Monarch Wallet – Website | Twitter –


Here is a good reference page from CoinCentral

cioncentral how to buy screenshot

You can also earn cryptocurrency by mining using your laptop or desktop PC


For mining, the Honeyminer is the easiest way to begin using your laptop or desktop PC to begin mining.  You download the software, register with an email address, and click an icon to begin mining.  The beauty of Honeyminer is three-fold: 1) The software automatically determines what coin to mine based on the hardware of your machine, 2) every day, the miner switches to the most profitable coins to mine (again, based on your hardware), and 3) the payouts are in bitcoin (not in the coin that is mined.)



Minergate is a decent option, but you are paid in the coin that you mine, and you need to be a little technical, and download the wallet of the given coins.  I would recommend using either the Exodus wallet for PCs, or Coinami for smartphones and PCs.



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