Crypto Scams

Watch out- there’s a lot of scams out there taking advantage of people’s ignorance.

Lending Platforms

Btconnect, Davor Coin, Chain Group, Livecoin, and as of Feb 2018, about two dozen more.

HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs)

Bitpetite, Control Finance, and numerous other schemes set up Ponzi style that usually involve claims of a guaranteed payout and incentives via commissions to bring in people below you, pyramid-style

I’ll add more description of what these are and how they work in detail, but until then, I’ll share THIS LINK to a story line that goes over what HYIPs and Lending Platforms are and you can get a sense of how they operate, how people get sucked into them, and how the disastrous results that follow.

More content to come…


Bitconnect update, Oct 31, 2018 via Decentralized TV

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